Speaker Linda J. Polley's
Best Birthday Gift Ever!
July 3- 4th, 2,015

My best friend Jesse Torres of Bismarck, ND, drove all the way to Texas to visit his best friend then drove to Ellsworth, ME to visit me for an early birthday treat!  I hadn't seen him since 2,009 when he drove here with my late husband Speaker Gerald A. Polley and I when we moved back home in the U Haul to make sure we made it ok. My birthday is actually on July 14th and I'll be 64, however, he arrived on Friday, July 3rd and we had a wonderful visit which included a brief tribute to Gerald at our urn with his ashes which I have on my bureau in the bedroom.  Gerald died on July 4, 2,012 of colorectal cancer at age 65. We had been married for 40 years.  

I store my bingo stuff on the left side of the urn because Gerald loved it that I played bingo where I live and wanted me to keep doing so to socialize.  I even did this the day after he died.


First thing Jesse & I went to Governor's restaurant here in Ellsworth, where he bought me dinner. I got to have my lobster roll and bring home my favorite treat, their home made peanut butter cup which is awesome.  Saturday, July 4th, we went to Bangor, Maine and had lunch at The Olive Garden, their delicious lasagna.   Jesse paid for this too!  After we went to The Bangor Mall Cinemas 10 and saw "Terminator Genisys" in 3D which was fantastic, also his treat!

When he brought me home the neighbors were having a barbecue and he was invited.  We enjoyed that then sadly it was time for Jesse to go back to his motel and get ready to leave  the next morning.    I think it's awesome on the 4th we ended up having the same color shirts on! The gray 4th of July shirt I was wearing I also wore on the day Gerald died.  I always try to wear it every year on that day as a tribute.

This was one of the most awesome things that ever could happen, Jesse's visit!  It was very energizing and gave me hope to carry on with the Work.

Thank you so much Jesse Torres!  I don't know how I deserve such an awesome friend in my life but I'm glad you are and hope this remains the case for eternity.  I just know Gerald and my other Spirit friends in The Afterlife are very pleased you came here.  Bless you!

Speaker Linda J. Polley
Ellsworth, ME

July 7, 2 ,015

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