An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
God's Candidate For The Presidency Of The United States In 2,012
To The World

10-08-02 AJ

    Boy, you talk about people being angry!  The people in The Afterlife are totally irate with the little speech Obama made yesterday saying that The United States losing its triple A credit rating really didn't matter.  Sure,, it doesn't matter to his influential supporters, who can afford to pay higher interest rates, but it matters to the little guys out on the street who are going to have to pay more for everything!  I don't trust the surveys whatsoever.  I do not think the majority of people are against The Republicans for standing up against this foolishness.  This man doesn't care about the people, the only thing he cares about is making it so two men can get to bed together, have sex, and be accepted by the public. This is the only thing that drives him.  The economy doesn't matter, the poverty that he's pushing America into doesn't matter, all that matters to him is having filth accepted.  Well, it matters to other people that they're not going to be able to pay their bills, that they're not going to be able to buy groceries, that they won't be able to send their kids to college so they can get an education and compete against the slave labor in other countries.  
   I've been asked what would I do about the rape factories in Jordan if I was president.  If I was president I would immediately ban all products produced in Jordan, and they would stay banned until these rapists were arrested, tried, and publicly hung!  I would tell the world Americans won't buy these products, America won't tolerate this behavior towards women.  Countries that engage in it, that allow these animals to do it, will not be allowed to sell goods in The United States produced under these conditions. If you're not decent people, if you allow these things we won't have a thing to do with you!  That's what I'd do as president!  I wouldn't allow it, I wouldn't say it's acceptable under free trade, I'd go after the garbage!  
   I got a ridiculous question.  "What if world leaders came to The United States and said they wanted to negotiate on some of these issues, but would not do so unless you took part in the negotiations? Would you go to Washington and work with President Obama?"  Absolutely and positively not!  Under no circumstances would I ever work with Obama!  Under no circumstances would I do anything that would bring him the slightest honor, the slightest bit of respect.  I will do nothing that would glorify him in any way!  I would meet with world leaders personally, and discuss issues with them, tell them where I would stand, but I would do nothing with Obama!  I will never meet with him, I will never discuss anything with him because it would be a total and complete waste of time!  Nor, would I associate with any other Democrat!  I do not support liars and butchers, men who murder children to get their way.  Some people will say "You can't do that!" I'm an American citizen.  Nobody makes me associate with anyone I don't want to associate with!  Nobody tells me I have to speak to anyone!  I am very choosy who I associate with.  I associate with men, not filth!  I associate with honor, not betrayal!  Some day history will fully record what this abomination has done, the truth will be fully known, and I will be praised as a man of wisdom because I stayed away from this Darkness, this traitor.  Some people will say harsh words, but I have to speak the truth. The American People are being betrayed, they're being sold out to a corrupt world order.  If I can I'll stop it!  Because I am a man of honor, a man of truth. I'll tell the world that.  I'm not afraid of this ignorance in The White House, he has no power over me, whatsoever, he cannot threaten me at all, and he knows it!  That is why everyone around him fears me and are doing all in their power to keep the public from hearing me, because they know if I get going I will bring him down!  There'll be absolutely nothing they can do about it because I will be completely legal.  Some day The Democrats will cry my name with contempt, with utter and complete hatred.  They will despise me to the very pits of their souls!  And I will be absolutely joyous!   Nothing, absolutely nothing, will please me more than having these people hate me with every fiber of their being.  Nothing will give me greater pleasure!  
    We've been asked if we had anything to do with the riots in Great Britain.  No.  As God constantly says, He doesn't have to attack His enemies, the idiots destroy themselves!  It's absolutely perfect, just what they deserve!  I won't say we didn't refuse to quiet them, to keep them from getting out of control, as we normally would. Why should we? The British are murdering children in Libya.  The world should know that they're oppressing people at home, as well.  Let's bring out their dirty laundry!  Let's show them their society isn't perfect, that they're using the economically depressed like a third world country.  We will admit, we're opportunists, and when an opportunity presents itself to totally humiliate an enemy we'll use it, our right.  Just as soon as I am president I fully intend to shut down any military bases we have in Britain, and to bring all American service personnel home.  Ought to save us a few billion dollars!  I don't like associating with people that butcher the innocent to try to gain world prestige.  It's just not my way!  I'll tell the world about it!  I'll tell them how I feel!  I'm not ashamed of it!  Britannia doesn't rule the world any more, its bayonets aren't suppressing the people in Africa and Asia any more.  We'll still be asking every nation to boycott The Olympics, we won't honor these people, we won't praise them.  They straighten up their act and start acting like decent people, maybe we can still continue a relationship.  But we've really got to see some progress, we've got to see some changes!  The British bulldog can't be the neighborhood bully any more!  
     I got the ridiculous comment "You really can't be serious about this Christmas Buyer's Strike!  You can't ask people not to buy Christmas gifts!  Think what you're doing!  The economy's too fragile!" Precisely!  That is why it would be the most effective now, why it would cripple Obama and The Democrats.  It's positively and absolutely what's needed.  And we will push the effort with everything we have!  The only thing that will stop it if we can get it going, is to have Obama Care repealed, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" restored, the federal government supporting us in our efforts to stop homosexual marriage, and backing us in our efforts to stop the legalization of marijuana.  Now we're seriously considering insisting Obama resign.  The people have every right not to shop, not to buy.  By doing so, they would be sending a message to The Democrats that not even the polls could send.  Now is the perfect time for The Buyer's Strike!  It is our most potent weapon.  The mere idea of it has The Democrats terrified because they know it is a way the people have of speaking that they will have to hear.  Obama will not be able to endure it.  He'll either have to make concessions or resign.  We would much prefer having him resign!  But we will keep pushing The Buyer's Strike, we will keep asking the people to join us.  It may be the best hope we have of saving the human race.  And we really do want to save them!  We would be very lonely without it.  We've gotten rather fond of them!  So we'll keep fighting!  Why don't you come and join us? Choose eternal life instead of eternal death.  

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

P.O. Box 392
Ellsworth, ME 04605

(207) 812-1621