An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
God's Candidate For The Presidency Of The United States In 2,012
To The World

22-07-02 AJ

     I didn't mention yesterday that there was one thing that the homosexual Hispanic deputy at the prison did get away with.  However, he paid for it later.  When I left he took all my correspondence courses, all my diplomas including my GED and said they'd have to be sent to me because they'd have to be checked for contraband. I waited and waited and contacted the prison a couple of times.  Finally, one of the secretaries contacted me and said "I'm sorry, dear, but I think you should know, the moment you left the deputy took all your stuff to the incinerator and burned it, raving 'That animal doesn't deserve any of this!  That animal insulted me!  That animal threatened me!  He doesn't deserve any of this! He has no right to it!  He should never have been paroled!  He's never gonna have any of this!'  By the time I protested to the warden it was too late. He had destroyed everything.  I'm really sorry, dear!"  
    People can understand why I have no use for homosexuals whatsoever and will have nothing to do with them.  There is one thing, however, as part of the agreement that we have with those that work with us, I will make sure that when we get our legislation through it will also state clearly that no state shall pass any laws restricting homosexuals in private.  If they are living together and not making a fuss about it, not asking for the rights of married couples and simply doing their thing without bothering others, they should not be bothered.  What they do in private is their business, as long as they're not teaching it to children, they should be left alone.
    No employer would be able to ask someone as a part of employment, if they were a homosexual.  As long as they do not express it at work they have every right to be employed.  Anyone trying to extort money from a homosexual to keep it secret that they are a homosexual, shall be prosecuted and serve a term of imprisonment of at least 20 years.  Any homosexual that pays extortion and does not report it, will receive a sentence of ten years.  If it is necessary to try an individual for extortion against a homosexual, the homosexual will only be required to testify to the attempted extortion.  Under no conditions will they be asked if they are a homosexual or not.  All that will matter in the case is rather or not the other individual claimed they were and tried to extort money from them.  It will make no difference if the person is a homosexual or not, and therefore has no bearing on any judgment.  No employer would be allowed to fire a homosexual that reported extortion.  
    Though we will forbid the teaching of homosexuality and the public acceptance of it, we will be fair to the homosexuals.  This is our way.  As we constantly say, if they keep it home, if they keep it private, it does very little harm.  It's only when they start declaring "I'm gay, I'm proud, accept me as I am!" that they become the enemy.  Because they can never be accepted as they are.  If they keep it quiet it will be tolerated.  If they go public we will Fight them. However, we also want to be fair.  Those that understand that what they do is unacceptable but can't keep from doing it will be protected.  We will never allow abuse.  That is something the world had better understand.  Because we get very, very nasty to abusers of any kind!   
    Alice sent these comments. I can certainly understand.

    "I do not believe you about the story that took place in the prison with the deputy in the office. You would had gone to the hole for mouthing off and threatening him. You would not even got that close to his desk to be in his face. I know of a guy that is in maximum security prison since he was age 14 years old, huge guy, a real rebel skinhead and Devil worshiper, and he's been in the hole many times. He conformed later on and was good, but is no pussy either, he just knew the rules after some years. He got his GED and college degree in prison, and he worked in the Library and other places in the prison. He has been moved without telling him 3 times to 3 different prisons in Minnesota. He won't get out of prison until 2014. I think he is in medium security now. He got in trouble as a street kid, and he helped murder a man during a robbery and got 21 years, his partner got life.
    You make it sound like you were visiting the principals office in school. It is not like that. No person behind a desk would shit his pants, or let you speak to them that way, or put up with you. You would had points against you for bad behavior, and would had to do whatever they wanted with you. Put you anywhere they wanted to in that prison without you saying anything. You had no rights at all no matter what your complaint was. They would had packed your stuff up and moved you out of your cell without telling you. You were not in control of your life in prison. You always make it sound like your the good guy in things and everyone else is bad against you. "

    Alice, you've got to understand that this was 40 years ago.  Prisons were a lot different, a lot looser then than they are now, probably situations like mine would be very different now.  But still, you've got to understand this little twerp weighed maybe 150 pounds.  He was maybe 5' 2".  I was 6' and weighed 240 pounds.  He knew full well if I took it into my head to do so I could rip his head off before any guard got into the room to help him.  Add to that he was a sniveling little coward, there's a high probability that when I was in his face in a full rage he messed himself.  It's all the guards talked about for weeks!  He thought he could intimidate anyone, that his power of authority would control them.  On top of that the chief guard was right outside the door and heard the entire conversation, the direct threats that if I didn't cooperate I wouldn't get parole.  
    I will admit, I fully expected to go to the hole!  I was as surprised as anybody else!  But the prison was under a lot of pressure, they were having a lot of legal troubles.  Prisoner complaints were beginning to reach the public.  It was just the perfect circumstances.  I doubt if things like that could happen in a modern prison.  A deputy like that in most systems would be out of a job in weeks!  There's just too much supervision now, just too many people watching for stuff like that to go on any more. It probably does some, but I'll never talk about some of the things I saw.  
    I guarantee you, when I'm in a full rage even today, I tend to scare people.  As I say, the outcome of the incident surprised me just as much as it surprised everybody else!  The whole thing added to the rumors that there was something weird about me, some reason I couldn't be touched.  It made all kinds of stories.  And the little twerp kept trying to cause trouble, kept trying to get his way.  He was simply one of those idiots that thought he had the power and could make somebody do anything!  That was his ego trip.  Unfortunately for him I wasn't cooperative.  
    It's a whole different world, dear lady, it's a whole different universe from what used to be.  I've heard dozens of stories like the one you've told.  I hear them every day.  But I guarantee you these things happen.  There's a lot of people that wish they never happened.  Because if they hadn't maybe I wouldn't be so negative of homosexuality.  When a little piece of garbage says "Either you have sex with me or you don't get parole!" he's lucky he survived, that even then I was gaining a little bit more control!  
    Here's more from Alice.

    "You have so much fictional work. I had read much of it in the past. I was wondering just how much is actually fiction in some of them?  When you have tried to get some published, did you go the route of selecting a publisher that published the subject matter of your works, and get sent the guidelines from publishers company, and then submitting your sample works of your stories to them ? Did you always get letters in the mail saying denied and the reasons why they would not want your fictional works ? Have you ever spoken to Stephen King about your writing? since you said that you had met him."

     Alice, we've done all you've mentioned over and over again!  The usual answer that we got from people was they rather liked our work but they were simply booked up two or three years ahead, and simply had no space for new writers.  As for Stephen King he dropped by our table several times at flea markets.  We chatted a little bit several times. He probably doesn't remember.  I commented to him one day that I wish I could write like him.  And he looked at me and said "Oh, no, no, no, no!  Never try to write like somebody else.  Always write like you.  Always express things in your way."  I have always thought that very good advice.  It's done him very well!  
   Here's something from Alice.

    "What have you been saying to Old Noah that keeps prompting a response from him to you? I thought that he would be bored emailing you by now and go away. Sounds like you are both trolling each other just for fun."
    Alice, Noah is just a useless piece of trash.  But we have a simple rule. We don't tolerate insults.  Every insult he sends me I'll send him one right back!  He thinks he's going to expose me by publishing them.  He's too stupid to understand that I could care less!  Actually I'd appreciate it if he publishes them, tells the whole world that I tell off garbage like him.  He's just something to play with and he's such a pitiful fool.  Look at this he put up on the internet violating our copyright.

    He's just an ignorant little animal that in his delusions thinks he can expose us, and that people are going to care.  He stops insulting I'll stop returning the insults.  However, he'll still be insulting me when I'm in The White House.  You can't get rid of trash like this so you might as well play with them.  I just enjoy pulling his strings.  He's just a pitiful little child that can't get his way.  He reminds me so much of that ignorant prison deputy that thought he controlled everything and didn't control anything except his deranged boyfriends.  Now he claims he has a homosexual boyfriend and is putting up a video game, that he has a straight girlfriend.  All delusion of course, fakes, figments of his imagination.  Nothing he says is believable.  He doesn't realize I like The Oompa Loompas!  This is not offensive to me at all!  He's such a loser!  But as long as he wants to keep playing I don't mind having a little fun and showing how stupid he is!  You've got to have some relaxation once and a while.

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