An Open Letter From God The Father
To John Boehner
Republican Leader Of The House Of Representatives
And All Republicans In the House And Senate

07-09-02 AJ

Most Profound Greetings!

    First of all this morning, I have to apologize for our failure to bring the rain we promised to Texas.  We thought sure that we were going to be able to bring the storm over Texas for several hours and cause a great deal of rain.  But Obama drew an horrendous surge of dark power up from South America, we believe using his union supporters, and pushed the storm east, causing it to take the track that we have been predicting for several months.  Not that we didn't take advantage of it, but still we would've liked to get the rain to Texas.  It is obvious this foul creature still has power, though it is weakening.
    Now, on another small matter that is upsetting people.  I'm asked why our beloved Caylee is not bringing the messages to you.  Well, to tell the absolute truth, she is!  She is getting the messages from me and dictating them to the one who she wants to be her earthly father,  Speaker Gerald Polley.  However, she was afraid putting her name on them was distracting.  So she desires that only my name be put on them.  I want the world to know she is still there and still doing invaluable service to me. 
   Now, we continue to receive resistance because we are offering so much power to young women.  People want us to offer more power to men.  I am really enraged by Obama's attacks on The Republican Party, his blaming you for the lack of jobs when it is his policies that are driving small companies out of business and destroying jobs!  So I again ask all Republicans in The House and Senate to refuse to attend Obama's speech on jobs. If he so insults The Republicans, they should not present themselves to be further insulted!  I ask again, that The Republicans join my efforts for a Christmas Buyer's Strike to force Obama to withdraw his health care program and make conditions favorable for the creation of more jobs. 
    To give The Republicans more power I am putting forth a proposal.  I have asked Conan O'Brien to move his show to Las Vegas, and to have his wife become my servant's campaign manager in Nevada.  When my servant is president have Conan be his press secretary.  In exchange in a thousand years I will give Conan power and glory equal to my own and a world to rule over in the stars as I rule over the Earth, especially for the people of Nevada.  This is one male that is offered great power.  I have also asked the senior President Bush to be my earthly host in Maine for two years, to have his wife Barbara be my servant's campaign manager in Maine.  In exchange, in a thousand years I will give the senior President Bush power and glory equal to my own, and a world to rule over in the stars especially for the people of Maine.  Many feel that it would be too much for this good man to be my earthly host, it would be too much of a strain on him.  So we have offered the governor of Maine the opportunity to share in that power, to also be my earthly host.  He has declined, refused to assist us. 
    So now I make an offer to you.  If you will be my earthly host in Washington, taking some of the burden off our good President, so that when my servant lets me use his physical form, only a third of my power will come through him, in a thousand years I will give you power and glory equal to my own, and a world in the stars especially for the people of The District Of Columbia, their own world in the stars if they help you spread my power to the world!  Of course if you accept this proposal your wife would not be able to receive the world that would go to the people of your state.  Someone else would have to be my servant's campaign chairman in your state.  But she would be your consort, the God The Mother of the world you would rule spiritually. 
    With you sharing my power in Washington, it would make it easier for my servant to set up operations in Washington, and, to serve as president.  It would be a position of tremendous honor.  Of course it would make you very unpopular with the perverts and the greedy, who want to bleed the nation dry to enrich themselves, and, to be powerful.  But you would have an unquestioned place in history, and this might well save the human race.   People want more men of power.  I offer them one.  And you can begin to show that power by leading The Republicans out of The House and Senate and leaving Obama only his cronies, his fellow criminals, to talk to.  You can show the power I am giving you for the next week just to see how it works, by leading the people away from this lying filth that blames everybody else for his disasters and won't admit what he's trying to do is a total failure. 
   The Republicans must stand up and say "No more! We won't be lied about any more! This foul, disgusting thing will not degrade us to promote his insanity!"  Decent men have to take action. They have to stand up and say "Enough!"  I give you the power to lead them.  For a short time I give you half my strength, I channel half my power through you to see how effectively you can use it.  I would be very surprised if you do not use it well. 
   There are times to sit and do nothing.  There are times to stand and fight.  This is the time to stand and fight!  Use the power I pour through you to organize The Christmas Buyer's Strike. Tell the world it is my servant that leads it.  Tell the world we can stop Obama.  But such evil must be fought with drastic action.  He will not let you accomplish anything because he must promote his filth.  He is dragging the human race into oblivion..  Only a bold leader like my servant can stand against him.  But he will need men of power with him.  He will need my sons as well to empower my daughters, to give them the strength to become beacons in this Darkness.  I ask you to be that power!

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and