An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

19-05-02 AJ

    Well, this morning's check of the mail altered everything we were going to talk about because I came across an article stating that the homosexuals in California are trying to attack Judaism by outlawing circumcision.  It is generally known that homosexuals prefer uncircumcised boys and they are trying to make their preference the law of the land.  This is another reason why all synagogues in The United States should support my candidate.  Many are circumcised because it is considered more hygienic, which I disagree with.  But circumcision is the symbol that bonds my chosen people to me.  And though I do not require it of everyone it is such a fundamental part of their faith that I do not believe people of other religions have a right to tell them that they can't practice it.  This law is a direct attack on Judaism!  The nation of Israel as a whole should condemn it, and, condemn those putting it forth.  I ask all the people of California to vote against this proposition, to support the reasonable right of others to practice their religious beliefs. To compare male circumcision to the abomination of female circumcision which is taught nowhere in The Scriptures, shows how deranged these people are!  I would order that those putting forth this proposition be removed from The Book Of Life, but as we have found they already have been, there would be no sense in making such a proclamation.  I salute CBS in San Francisco for bringing this abomination to the public's knowledge so the people can quickly rise against it.  
    I again tell the people of Judaism that my servant is their candidate, the best hope they have for the survival of Israel and, the glorification for their people.  Those who oppose sodomy should rally all of Israel to me.  And all of Israel in The United States should support my candidate.  
    Now, I have to speak on Newt Gingrich's comment on vouchers.  I've been asked isn't this the program my servant put forth months ago that The Republicans are now taking credit for?  Yes it is!  I directly asked Republicans in The House to put this proposal forward in my servant's name, saying that this is what God's candidate proposes.  Unfortunately they're taking credit for it themselves, which I do not think is right.  They should acknowledge who put this idea forward.  It's only right.  
    There is one comment that has been made that we need to answer, saying that if the government puts out vouchers insurance companies won't accept them and insure the people that we want covered.  The answer to that is simple!  Any insurance company that refuses to provide insurance with the vouchers will be shut down, lose their license to do business in The United States, an instant and easy solution to the problem.  But we do not seriously think that if the program is up and running insurers would resist.  They would realize it is necessary for the public good.  And in the long run they will still be making substantial profits.  We will have to see if we are wrong.  But we still think a simple voucher program is far superior to Obama Care that takes away the people's freedom which we will not tolerate.  
   We were complaining about our lack of good mail.  This morning we got a whole bunch of it which we are glad to see!  Alice asks


    I am a little behind in reading your "letters to the world", but I read this about what you said about that Noah guy.
    I guess I wondered how you figure that Noah is emailing you from his work place ? Noah said he was a college student. How do you know he is not emailing you from his home or dorm ? Maybe he is not even employed, so how could he get fired for emailing you ?


   Well, Alice, we first came in contact with good old Noah when he wrote and asked to be removed from our email.  As we are only emailing to newspapers, tv and radio stations, and religious groups, it is a very high probability that in some function he works for somebody in the media.  We're quite sure that the email he originally responded on was one from a broadcaster before he started using his Noah address.  So you can understand we're quite sure he has a boss somewhere, and our sincere hope is that his boss will not appreciate his ignorance and will probably cost his company millions of dollars because he is attacking my servant.  But that's why we think he has an employer.  
    Lee asks

"Hi there,

I wondered if it would be possible to get a CD or DVD containing the songs you have channelled through John Lennon and co., and if so, would it be possible to get it sent to the United Kingdom.

Many thanks,"

    Unfortunately Lee, we cannot produce John's music.  A couple of well known celebrities have been interested in it.  But their efforts have been blocked by Yoko Ono, who refuses to accept John's Apostleship and that he no longer supports homosexuality.  So we have been unable to find a producer that would bring the works to the public. Perhaps one might come forward with the financial means to fight Yoko in the courts and make this music generally available.  But she is ruled by a creature of Darkness and is lost in her lesbianism, which will keep her from John forever.  That is why he will only serve temporarily as Jesus' High Steward.  If he cannot save her, he does not believe his power is worth anything.  I think this is one of the greatest love stories of our age that very few people know about.  A man so loves a woman he would give up the rule of Heaven if he cannot have her with him.  That is love that can only be called profound!  
    There are those that are organizing Rapture Parties for the 21st to show they don't believe in this minister's prediction.  I would really be grateful if some of these parties in many states were dedicated to organizing campaigns for my candidate in that state so there will be no end of the world, so the human race will go to the stars.  Call them Awakening Parties.  Let the 21st be the beginning of a new age, the age when all religions cooperate for the survival of the entire world and give up the idea that only those of one particular sect will survive.  I have said it before and I will say it again, there will never be a butchering Christ who will return to Earth and destroy all who do not worship Him.  This is totally opposite of my blessed Son's teachings and everyone should realize that.  He taught clearly and distinctly, that His children should love one another, and that includes people of different faiths.  Any that say that this isn't so are creatures of Darkness and will never enter my Kingdom.  
    Our good friend Elgard writes this,

    "Yes, GtF and GtM have us all beat by a considerable amount of time! LOL
    It is believed that the first organisms appeared on Midgard approximately 3.5 billion years ago, 1 billion years or so after Midgard itself was born.
    Yes, I would say that 3.5 billion years is a considerable age difference over 1 million years.
    It makes me wonder if Odin’s and Frigga’s world will take the same length of time to sire self-aware, technologically advanced peoples."

    In answer to his question, probably a little bit less.  My servant can't remember if he told him, thought he did, that when Odin and Frigga danced The Dance Of Life and became the life force of a new world the other eight dancers abandoned them and went off to become the life force of another world, saying "You are already gods! You don't need us!"  Odin and Frigga are already totally aware.  Telepaths visiting them from advanced races are already communicating with them, and their new world has been declared off limits for any colonization.  This is very unusual, but not unknown.  So life may develop quite a bit faster on this world, probably cut a billion years or so off the evolutionary process.  It will be an interesting process to observe if we do not fail here and there's nobody to observe it.
    Speaking of our friends The Asgardians, Them and the Hindus are rather upset!  Our servant happened to catch an episode of "Supernatural".  In it the main characters were brought to a meeting of the Hindu and the Asgardian gods at which humans were being sacrificed and eaten.  The Asgardians are enraged, not withstanding, The Hindus!  The Asgardians especially say they're going to get the producers of this show because They did not practice human sacrifice, and They did not eat human beings!  Odin would never say that Ragnarock has not yet happened, as he would know full well it has.  This program is putting forth representations of these deities that are unacceptable to Them, and they had better get their mythology straight.  The Archangels don't care much for them either, as They are the protectors of mankind, not their potential destroyers!  Mankind is doing a damned good job of that themselves!  To put it bluntly, there's nobody that cares too much for the producers of this show.  If they should fall down a well somewhere nobody would welcome them.  
    Nobody seems to be having a very good opinion of Hollywood lately.  Everybody seems to be upset with them.  Even The Amazons are upset that the new Wonder Woman series has been dropped and wonders if SyFy might pick it up.  As part of his campaign to raise funds for his project my servant would like to do bit parts, make personal appearances on many series, the funds to go to support the courier/protectors and, the Palestinian Homeland, but we do not think "Supernatural" is going to be one of those shows, not if they keep up this kind of crap!  
    Oh!  A little comment to obnoxious Noah.  We have more than a couple of friends!  
    Ooops!  One more thing!  I'm asked do we think our little French friend in New York should get bail?  As long as he's well monitored.  If he should flee it would only be proof of his guilt, and eventually he'd be brought back.  We don't think he's that stupid!  Of course, we could be wrong!  

He That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and