An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

13-05-02 AJ

    We have to start off this morning with a warning to the world.  The demons in Syria are boasting that though Syria is crippled they still have Hezbollah and can destroy our precious Israel.  One of the greatest advantages we have over the creatures of Darkness is their need to bluster. They will often reveal things to us thinking we can do nothing about them, and it will torment us because we can't.  But we can do something about this.  As the assult they are planning is against Israel, we can warn them.  We're not quite as helpless as the creatures of Darkness believe!
    Old noah610 responded to our comments the other day.  Here it is.

"Wed, May 11, 2011 7:24:09 PMRe: You're so easy!
From: "" <>Add to Contacts
To: Gerald Polley <>

I just read the update on your website Jerry and I gotta say, I knew you were an easy mark but not THIS easy. The whole threat to call the cops thing, I wanted to see if you were still paying attention to me. I had heard from people that eventually you claim that 'god' has killed people you don't like and then stop paying attention to their emails! Now that I know you still care, that means I don't have to make a new address yet to continue to fuck with you! I knew if I stroked your ego a little you'd give.
Tell ya what, keep posting my info, in fact, I'm issuing an official challenge to your retarded followers, if there are any. Come and get me! I fucking dare you! I'm waiting, they know my email and everything, come and get me!
I bet you won't post this message.

From: Gerald Polley <>
Sent: Wed, 11 May 2011 16:20:53 -0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Remove My Name From Your Site

Go ahead and call them."

    This guy is definitely a Democrat!  Talk about a spin doctor!  His efforts to intimidate us and get us to remove  his material totally failed.  So he turns around and tries to make it look like a victory for him.  When John Lennon read this he was on the floor for several minutes in one of his fits of laughter.  This guy is so comical!  He is absolutely nothing but he thinks he's the hottest thing in the world and can challenge The Lord Of Hosts.  What a joke!  What more can be said?
    Lost two more of my children.  Here are their emails.  

"Thu, May 12, 2011 8:56:42 AM STOP EMAILING ME
From: Scott Briggaman <>Add to Contacts


Re: Information Request
From :Eric Reinert <>Add to Contacts

Please stop sending these emails to me. I couldn't care less about your fantasy that you speak for god. You do not speak for my god."

   I am asked when someone asks so politely as the first individual does, why can't I simply respect his wishes and not email him any more?  Why do I have to punish him?  It is simple.  This person is denying me and will not give my messages to the public.  Those that deny me and injure my children when they know it is me speaking cannot enter my Kingdom.  And no matter how much they deny it as the second individual has done, they know my messages are real but they do not like what I am saying.  The only thing for them is damnation.  Also, when our campaign starts rolling we will have nothing to do with the organizations that they work for.  We will give them no advertising and we will ask all who support us not to give any.  It will be our goal to shut them down.  By rejecting me they are destroying my children.  This will not be allowed.  No matter how much they support some particular filth, some particular sickness and want it accepted, they cannot deny me.  It is that simple!  If they take part in the destruction of my children I will do all in my power to destroy their organizations that empower them.  I will give those organizations the opportunity to dismiss these individuals and return to my support.  But if they will not, if they accept and condone their evil, and take part in the destruction of my children I have no choice but to reject them.  As I will reject any network when we are in The White House that has insulted my servant.  If any newscaster calls him homophobic because he is a righteous man and stands for my perfection, they will have no contact with The White House whatsoever!  This goes for the most powerful networks.  We will accept disagreement but we will not accept insult.  Any company that fires an individual that insults will remain in our favor.  But any that continue to keep them in their employment after they have insulted we will have no contact with!  And as we intend to keep our supporters in office for as much as 24 years, these companies are going to be in serious difficulty if they tolerate insults!  Some say this is unfair but again it is our way.  And if anybody doesn't think it is so, read The Scriptures, read Christ's instructions to The Apostles when He sent them out to preach.  It cannot even be claimed that this is Old Testament teaching, it is teaching directly from Jesus.  
    Now, on to other things.  Before I forget again I want to salute whoever it is at Fox who is reading our emails and incorporating what we say into their broadcasts!  We have noticed that sometimes the day after we send something out Fox commentators are speaking of it almost as if we wrote the material ourselves!  
    We love the effort that Obama is trying to put forth to convince the world that bin Laden was still the head of Al Quaida when it can be clearly seen from the material that was being put out, that his lieutenants were ignoring him and even suggesting other tactics.  The truth is out there and some are seeing it.  I wish they would make my servant's campaign well known to the public.  
    Now that that phrase has not been forgotten, got the ridiculous comment that the two men being arrested in New York for plotting to blow up a synagogue prove that I am not speaking truly.  I said I would not protect churches in The United States and it's obvious I had something to do with this exposure.  This person has problems!  He simply comprehends nothing he's reading, or, her, not sure of the gender.  The key word in that statement is "churches".  True, we will do nothing to expose plots against churches.  But we are still protecting synagogues and mosques.  When we can expose attempts to attack them we will.  It amazes us that people can read something and have no comprehension of what they're reading, whatsoever.  It's as if the whole subject that we're trying to convey does not register with them at all.  Try really reading what we're saying before you attempt to attack us.  You'll be a lot better off.  But of course I'm probably wasting my time with that statement!  
    I am asked to comment on The First Lady inviting a rapper whose lyrics encourage the murder of police officers to The White House to perform.  Here is something that should rally every police department in The United States to us.  We are shocked that The First Lady did this.  But it shows again The Obamas will do anything for votes.  They want the support of the African American community so they are trying to placate those among them that believe in violence to achieve their purposes, and believe those defending the law, especially drug enforcement, are their enemies and that they have a right to kill them because they are interfering with their lifestyle.  That The Obamas support such individuals should have every police department in The United States clamoring to have him impeached.  They practice the foulest and dirtiest of politics, and America should be rising up against them.  Obama believes that his popularity is now so strong he can do anything and no one will  dare speak against him.  We will continue to speak against him!  And now we will have to speak against his wife because she is encouraging people of color to attack police officers.  And if people cannot see that, we have little hope.  You do not associate with people that encourage the murder of those trying to defend the innocent.  It is simply not acceptable!  You can be assured that when my servant is president filth like this will not be invited to The White House, and I do not speak of these individuals in this way because they are African Americans but because they are creatures of hate.  I speak just as strongly against any caucasion rapper that uses such lyrics and lives such a lifestyle.  Evil cannot be condoned because members of a certain race are doing it who feel they are justified.  The Obamas are showing their true nature, are showing why they are doomed forever.  There are limits and we will enforce those limits!  As I say, the police in America  should be rallying to my candidate.  He will expose any corruption but he will defend them from the ignorant, from those whose minds have been destroyed by the drugs.  
    Wish we had some good things to comment on today besides Fox, but the evil in the world is overwhelming and we must fight against it with all we have if my children are to survive. Every act of abomination must be exposed.  

He Who Dwells
In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and