An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

22-05-02 AJ

   We'll start off this morning with a message from Alice.  


So now since nothing happened today with the Rapture, what becomes of 89 year old Howard Camping and all his followers ?


    Dear one, what we would like to have happen with Rev. Camping is to have him give up these teachings of a murdering Christ made up by the priesthood to frighten those who would not accept Him, and join our efforts to restore Christianity and save the human race.  But we have little hope of that occurring.  Those who are lost in this blood lust, this desire to have anything different destroyed, have little hope of ever seeing reason and understanding the truth.  Though it will shock some people, as far as we are concerned, they are as bad as the fundamentalist Muslims and have caused untold suffering for untold generations. Priests that stood before the crusaders and encouraged Christians or so called Christians, to kill the unbelieving infidels were creatures of Darkness that destroyed many souls forever.  Yet the teachings still persist today.  The Ku Klux Klan used them to persecute people of color, and the Nazis used them to murder millions of Jews.  They are teachings that must be cast off!  You do not make converts by threatening to kill those that will not believe!  You teach them your way and show the superiority of it.  This is the way of my servant's people, and it should be the way of every people.  The Rapture is never going to happen.  It is a false teaching created by corrupt and evil men seeking any way to power, to domination, and the righteous should cast it off.  A teacher that taught "Love one another" would not later teach that he would come back and murder all that did not believe in him.  It simply makes no sense and people should recognize the falsity of it, immediately condemn any that teach it.  Jesus returned and He was rejected.  The homosexuals said they would not serve Him.  He will never return again.  He has left His power for others stored in my beloved servant and her daughters.  It awaits a bearer.  This is the only way in which Christ will return!  This false teaching must be ended!  The Pope must admit its falsity and condemn those that began it.  It is not a condition of his restoration, but after his restoration he should do it without question, understanding the truth, that the Lord he represents is not a murderer.  
    Now, on to other things!  We must salute Senator Stacey Campfield of the Tennessee legislature for putting forth anti gay legislation in Tennessee very similar to what we will be seeking nationally that will forbid the teaching of homosexuality in schools, forbid any teacher from influencing children with improper sexuality, that will only allow homosexuals to have meetings where individuals 18 years of age and older are attending.  And that no public display of homosexuality or advertising of homosexuality will be allowed.  We will seek a constitutional amendment declaring homosexuality an insanity, not a right, not a race or religion, but a sickness that cannot be taught to children, that no one may declare that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle.  This is our goal with my servant's presidency.  I ask Senator Campfield for his support and if it is given in a thousand years I will offer him power and glory equal to my own and a world in the stars to rule over as I rule over the Earth, especially for the people of Tennessee if he will find a female associate to be my servant's campaign chairman in Tennessee and help us win the presidency. But he will have to have a consort, a female partner that will agree to rule this future world with him.  I cannot give the power to a male alone.  And I will need the senator in Tennessee to continue our work there. No disrespect to the senator, it's just the way these things work.  And I'm quite sure there are probably several acceptable ladies who would want to share his power, and, take their people to the stars.  The reward for this service is great.  There are very few men that will be offered this opportunity, few that have the power.  This part of our campaign is vital to us!  And we need the support of anti gay groups across the country.  We ask the good senator to rally them to us.  You can understand how he would be glorified if he does.  
    People say we cannot win, we cannot succeed. The homosexuals will stop us.  The movement is too strong.  I say I am The Lord Of Hosts and we can defeat them, especially if we get good people like the senator and others that oppose this insanity that is destroying my children.  Understand I will tolerate no gay bashing, no teaching of hatred towards homosexuals.  I will only accept the righteous rejection of evil.  It is the duty of my people to protect the feeble minded from harm while keeping them from harming others.  That is what we must do with homosexuality, resist it but not hate those infected with it so eventually they will be restored to normalcy.  This is my way.  This is my servant's way.  And I warn all against those who would try to use our message as an instrument of hate.  My servant will destroy you.  He will crush you.  He will sweep you aside.  Do not become his prey!  Those that have regret it for eternity.  They have no eternity!  
    Speaking of my servant, the ridiculous comment was made why aren't there any prophecies about him?  There are prophecies about my servant everywhere.  He has touched every people in the world.  Nostradamus says something about a great warrior coming from the north who is without pity or compassion, and destroys all evil that is before him, that everywhere he treads he brings justice.  There are prophecies about the avenging Angel in The Scriptures that destroys all evil.  The Aztecs have a prophecy that when The Winged One returns the servant of Minetonka, the warrior on the wind, their people shall be restored to their glory and the reign of the false god shall end.  The age of blood will pass.  There are prophecies about my servant everywhere.  The Hindus speak of Krishna spreading his wings and soaring with Shiva and bringing glory back to the people, lifting them up to the heavens.  The prophecies of my servant are everywhere!  There are even some that speak of The Thirteenth Apostle who will rule The Children Of Christ.  But we'd better not mention that one.  I don't want to anger my servant's people.   But the prophecies are there.  Many people are waiting for them to be fulfilled.  Some of them even speak of his daughters, that it shall not be his sons that shall bring glory, but his daughters.  People recognized this ages ago!  They could see the flow of time.  The prophecies are there.  Find them!  
    And I have already given you more.  I have told The Catholics that some day they will call these two the greatest of my servants, the greatest of saints, the returners of truth and the saviors of the church, those who restored it to Christ. This is prophecy, no matter how much the corrupt fight it, no matter how much they want to stop it they will not succeed.  They will fail, and what I say will come to pass because I am The Lord Of Hosts, the Creator of life on this world, and the controller of its destiny.  Those who think they can stand against me are fools among fools, the most ignorant of all men who eventually will be swept away, and my truth will remain no matter how tempting the lie they have created.  I confirm all the prophecies given about my servant, and I declare that they will come to pass.  It is only a matter of time.  He will restore those who have been destroyed by the ignorant in the name of Christ and he will take them to the stars and leave those who cling to the ignorant behind to moan and ask why they are forsaken.  This is prophecy!  This is what will be!  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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