An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

15-05-02 AJ

    Boy, the people in Illinois really don't seem to like people that are against the killing of police officers!  Apparently this offends some of them greatly.  We've got a request to be removed from WSIL.  Fortunately, again, we have another contact there and with a little luck that one won't ask to be removed and we won't lose everyone in this organization.  But to us it is very strange that we get such a response from an issue like this.  There seems to be something very, very wrong about it. Maybe others don't look at it that way, but we have to.  
    Oh, I was asked to send my blessings to Mary Tyler Moore.  I most certainly will do that.  We have not always agreed on some things, but I'll send her my blessings anyway.  
   Saturday CNN had on a colored presidential candidate on who was saying how everything is too expensive.  I am asked if I support his campaign and if I would offer him some position to support my candidate.  Yes, I support his campaign.  He has availability to the media and is speaking about a very important issue which is absolutely true.  Everything is too expensive!  Ordinary people are having a hard time simply surviving, and it is something that must be worked on.  But with Obama destroying our relationship with The Arab World and driving energy costs up, it's going to be very hard to make any progress on this issue! Yes, I would like to find some way to bring this individual and his supporters into our effort.  However we're not exactly sure what we could offer him.  But you can be assured we will be looking for something.  Those who can get their message to the public, our message to the public, are valuable to us.  Of course everyone knows he could never really be elected, but the mission he is performing is vital and actually supportive of my candidate, who will most certainly work on this problem.  
    Old noah is being his obnoxious self.  He made a comment how could I be God if I didn't know where the Sun Times was?  Duh!  I'm using a human form.  That human form has faults.  And besides that we have other newspapers we correspond with called The Sun.  With all I have to keep track of, it's little wonder I'm not sure of some things sometimes.  You try being aware of so much and see how well you do, little man!  Anyway, the rest of his message is a waste of time, just his blustering.  
   Now, I've been asked why don't I offer Mike Huckabee a position in my servant's cabinet and a world of his own if he'll support us?  Well, there's two small problems with that.  First of all Huckabee isn't one of mine.  And he wouldn't take a world of his own if I offered it.  There's a possibility I could offer his wife one, but there's no way that she's not going with her husband when his people go to the stars.  So though she would be great as my servant's campaign manager in Florida, there's no possibility she'd serve. And then, of course there is the problem that Huckabee is extremely valuable to us right where he is!  His position at Fox and his radio programs would be very beneficial to us to spread our causes.  And he would have a very great problem with the fact that Jesus has abandoned mankind.  It will hurt him greatly.  But I still think in the end, he will support us.  Though we've got to modify his stand on abortion a little bit.  I think he would come along in other things quite easily.  His positions aren't really that different from my servant's. There is, however, Sarah Huckabee, his daughter, who is one of mine and, very powerful.  I can offer her a world if she becomes my servant's campaign manager in Florida.  And she would take it!  We have so many out there that could do such great things and deserve great rewards, if we could just reach them and bring them to our cause!  I hope some day to have The Huckabee's endorsement, and to have them supporting their daughter as she campaigns for us, and in The White House have some position on Sarah's staff.  
    Oh, have I mentioned my servant hopes to sell enough of his material so that he, himself, will be paying the salaries of his peoples' staff in The White House, and he intends to leave trust funds to pay future staff to lessen the tax burden on the American public?  He intends to take no salary himself.  Some people say this would be illegal, that a president wouldn't be able to do this.  Somebody's going to have to explain to us why!
    We got the comment "You're scaring the living hell out of us!  You warn about Hezbollah, and the next day there's a skirmish between Syrian and Lebanese troops."  We will admit, it's rare that we get such quick confirmation of something.  Sometimes it takes quite a while.  But things are so volatile in this area right now, it's not very hard to predict what's going on, what's going to happen.  Syria is worried of losing its slave state to the south because they know it will end their influence in The Middle East.  Of course we would like to see The Lebanese secure their freedom and end Syrian domination.  The Syrian government is getting desperate!  The more pressure Obama puts on them, the more dangerous they become.  They may well decide if they're going down they'll go down fighting and take as many with them as they can, which is precisely what Obama wants.  He wants to put The Middle East in total turmoil so he can come in and take over.  He must be stopped!    As Sarah says "An old Ashtarian tactic!" and she's absolutely right!  We firmly believe that much of our current situation is still leftovers from that prevented invasion.  
    But all in all, I am still willing to give great rewards to those who will come forward and support us.  The Republicans have no viable candidate.  None of the people currently coming forward can win.  Only my servant has a chance of defeating Obama and undoing his insanity.  We need the support of The Republicans.  We will give as many of them as we can good positions, but many are needed right where they are.  I am still heartbroken that I have lost Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of my greatest daughters.  But she has been overwhelmed by the Darkness of the world, and must be replaced.  Her choice to sodomize my children has forever separated her from me.  But it is my great desire that she joins my servant and has eternal life.  I cannot tell you how much it hurts me when I lose one of my most precious jewels.  The pain is beyond anything that any parent can imagine, and it is pain. When one of my beloved is separated from me it is pain.  When they are destroyed forever it is even worse pain.  But I cannot tolerate evil.  I cannot dwell with it, I cannot have it with me. It must be cast out, no matter how much it hurts me, no matter how much I grieve, I cannot have evil in my presence.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and