An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

29-05-02 AJ

Well, lost our t.v. station in Tucson, Arizona. 

Re: Imperials
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   Everybody knows the drill.  Everybody there is removed from The Book Of Life and will never enter my Kingdom and we ask everyone not to advertise with them.  They will be getting nothing from us when we get the presidential campaign going full tilt, and none of their reporters will be allowed at any of our functions. They will be granted no interviews by anyone associated with us.  Those who reject me are rejected, and any that reject my servant's messages are rejected. They have chosen. They prefer the way of man, the falsity that is so precious to them.  Don't particularly know what upset them, but we have no choice but to take action.  They are destroying my children.  Rather they understand or not, no matter how much what we say hurts their feelings, rejecting my messages means eternal death.  That's it!  I must protect my children.  And those that will not help me declare themselves my enemies, say they do not care, that they will have their way, and I am done with them!  If the one responsible is put out by an organization and they choose to continue receiving my messages and share them with the public, I will grant pardon to the rest of the individuals in that organization.  But never to the one that has said "I will not hear you, I do not want  your truth.  I prefer the lies."  That one is separate from me, forever, can never return.  Perhaps they can find eternal life with another, but not with me.  Some say this is too harsh, but it's the way it is.
    I am asked how could my servant possibly give Ratko Mladic eternal life, even if he requested it?  Well, as my servant says, nothing is impossible.  Some things are just highly improbable!  But with the power levels that we now have it is feasible if Ratko Mladic made complete confession, was brought to The United States and his people were to provide three temporary courier/protectors, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew, he could be executed by lethal injection, our way, not the stupid American way, and my servant's quite sure he could get him into The Afterlife.  He would suffer a while, but eventually be given a new physical form and begin his hundred years of service. My servant could slowly mend his soul, teaching him the right way to do things, and when he dies again things should return to the natural order and he would have eternal life.  Difficult, but not impossible!  Some people say that my servant should not claim that he has powers comparable to those of Jesus.  My servant laughs at this.  His powers will never be comparable to those of Jesus'!  What Jesus could do in an instant it takes him a hundred years to do!  There simply is no comparison in their power.  Jesus' powers will always be superior.  And my servant will be the first one to admit it.  He doesn't have the ego of false religious teachers that say "Oh, I do these things by myself! God gives me the power."  My servant knows better.  He knows the minute somebody says something like this they're frauds!  He only has power through his Lords.  He is only the instrument of Their glory. He never does anything by himself.  He has power only because he is part of a great unity.  He does nothing by himself and has no respect for anybody that claims they do.  Because he knows better.  That's what makes him  such a great servant.  An inflated personal ego doesn't get in the way!
    I'm asked again isn't there anything we can do to stop the creatures of Darkness from draining the life energy of the people they're using?  Unfortunately, no.  As long as these people support the creatures of Darkness, support homosexuality, the anti abortionists, and the legalization of drugs, there's absolutely nothing we can do!  The evil they support opens them to the creatures of Darkness and permits them to draw away their life energy to fight us.  As long as people are lost in these causes there's nothing we can do to help them.  The creatures of Darkness will feed on them.  They are beyond our reach.  They refuse our protection.  It is a sad situation, but there's absolutely nothing we can do until these people turn from this evil.  Some were very upset when we said the parents that allow their children to be surgically mutilated to change their sex will be destroyed.  But we must speak the truth.  People that allow their children to destroy their souls, who encourage it, who condone it will themselves, be destroyed.  There is no middle ground!  When people show such contempt for their children that they will destroy them trying to hide their own shame it destroys them forever. 
    Got a question from way back when.  "Didn't You once say that for the sake of a certain situation You would appear on Ellen DeGeneres' show?"  Yes, I did.  But I made it quite clear that I would not support her sickness while doing so.  But for the sake of that particular issue I would join her in the campaign against it.  Even those that have gone far astray sometimes support worthy causes.   And I will set aside our differences to support them in those causes.  As I have said, we will not tolerate gay bashing!  Anyone we find involved in it we will punish, and we will punish severely!  On very rare occasions we will appear publicly with homosexual celebrities, as we would have met with Benjamin Netanyahu even though he supports homosexuality, for the sake of Israel.  If my servant was walking down the street and saw a homosexual being unwarrantly attacked he would defend him.  We are not a cruel people.  We simply must reject evil, no matter how popular it is.  People don't seem to get it.  They confuse the rejection of evil with prejudice, a tact that the homosexuals use very effectively.  But people must understand the difference. 
    My servant should be returning to his room tomorrow morning.  He'll probably be sending out this email from his room at the shelter, which means Linda will be taking care of the forms.  They're probably going to miss their anniversary dinner because he won't have any way to get back in town.  We've spent thirty bucks on cabs this month which takes a tremendous bite out of our budget. It means other things don't get done.  But it's been absolutely necessary. 
    Michael Jackson wants us to raise millions so his children can join our operations and we can move to Los Angeles.  As my servant says, nothing is impossible, but some things are highly improbable.  Yet we have more than we need to do it. 
    Speaking of Michael, or Ariel, somebody said "I thought Ariel was female."  Common mistake.  A greatly held error.  And it is also asked what did he mean that he founded Catholicism?  Just what he said.  He took a nearly perfect human form and founded Catholicism, laid its foundations, interacted with the people that began it and brought its principles into being, virtually copied The Holy Godden Empire.  As he said I do not hold him responsible for the corruption of man that caused the followers of this church to do great evil.  It is not what he taught them.  Unfortunately corrupt men corrupt everything.   And this fellowship is dying, will continue to die unless The Pope agrees to my reforms.  My attacks against it will continue relentlessly until it withers away and becomes a thing of history.  Nation by nation we will destroy it until it collapses.  This is prophecy, this is my word.  And no power on Earth will be able to stop us.  I am The Lord Of Hosts and this is my instruction. 

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and