An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

27-05-02 AJ

    Sarah (Speaker Linda Polley) has brought up a very good question!  Why were the Ashtarian signaling devices left in isolated areas, and why were they made with earthly materials?  Well, this is simply standard procedure.  We believe those sending the message were low echelon operatives of The Ashtarians, that they might not have their normal transmission equipment and know only how to build transmitters with native equipment, not receivers.  They may be responding to the death of bin Laden, totally bewildered with what's going on.  Of course this is only theory.  But sometimes my servant's theories turn out to be pretty damn close to facts!  One of his greatest abilities is to read his enemies and predict their actions.  Don't the creatures of Darkness hate that!   
    We took the creatures of Darkness a bit by surprise day before yesterday.  They were massing for an assault in Los Angeles, and we hit them first.  It is absolutely incredible that our fighting in the spiritual form caused weather phenomena in the material world!  This time we'll take the blame for it!  But the levels of power that we're using are beyond anything that's been used before.  My servant had been able to store enough power that he was able to make a personal appearance and send several creatures of Darkness to oblivion!  We are straining the physical forms of their workers to the limit.  Every battle drains their life energy.  Sooner or later the creatures of Darkness are going to be able to do virtually nothing. They simply will have no sources of power left!  Let's hope they haven't destroyed the human race in the process!  
    Wish we could do something for Memorial Day, but simply can't right now unless we could raise the Veterans across the country to turn it into an outcry against Obama, against his illegal war in Libya.  We are so angry that The Democrats constantly attack President Bush's efforts in Iraq which they are now destroying, while they continue their illegal war in Libya, breaking United States law and international law.  We guarantee you when my servant is president he will be issuing no pardons but will be holding everyone accountable no matter how protected they think they are!  He simply will not tolerate the targeting of children.  That is absolute!  
    Here's a link to another one of my servant's little stories.  People enjoy them so much some people actually think they're prophecy!  But only the future will tell that.  However, while he's staying with Linda we need to take advantage of the opportunity and get as much as we can.  We'd like to get some staff together so they could take care of the backlog of their magazines.

    An old friend has asked "Isn't there anything we can do to help The Ashtarians?"  Oh, we've been helping them quite a bit.  Every time my servant produces a song it goes out into the galaxy and is reproduced in a thousand languages.  The profits go into a trust fund that is used to pay for the blockade of Earth and other things.  Lately 50% of those profits have been going to rebuild the Ashtarian capital that was destroyed by one of their own people because his daughter was going to marry an alien.  The Ashtarians are very grateful for this support.  You can imagine how much this is going to cost!  Though my servant hates it, some of them have begun to worship him as Shavosh, the god of destruction.  All over their world his temples are being rebuilt.  And people are worshiping in them regularly.  There's no accounting for taste!  But you cannot tell people something isn't so sometimes when they absolutely believe it is.  My servant is always telling people he isn't a god, especially The Haven Imperials, but they don't listen.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald A. Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and