An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

23-05-02 AJ

    Got this from Alice.


Last night on the Oprah Channel, the 2 hour documentary movie about Chaz Bono was on. It was him and his relationship with his girlfriend, and his sex change adventures. From male hormone shots to his breasts removed, and other things in his life. No other surgeries are going to be done since the penis thing is not perfected yet by doctors for females. He always felt wrong in his body even as a 5 year old. Cher was interviewed from a time from David Letterman and other interviews, but she was not happy about what Chaz did. Cher did not want Chaz to go so public with this. Cher later came to grips with it, and at the end of the movie she had photos taken with Chaz and hugged him and now calls him a he, but I think she is not happy at all with his choice. The Bono side of the family welcomes Chaz with no problems and are happy for him. His girlfriend that lives with him said that she loves Chaz, but the male hormones changed him a lot, and he was not the same person he was as a female.
Since Oprah has control on what airs on her network, how do you feel about Oprah now? She has to be for gay rights and transgender. Oprah is a very powerful woman. Does God have a problem with Oprah now for airing the Chaz story on her network ? Is Oprah written out of the Book Of Life along with everyone that works for her network ?


    Dear one, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in my daughters that close their eyes to this sickness and allow their children to become such abominations!  I know how much mothers love their children and do not want them to suffer.  But to allow such things is simply unacceptable.  I have spoken about how much I would like to have Oprah's cooperation.  We could do great things with her support and help children all over the world.  But I will agree it is difficult and hurts me greatly when she allows the production of things such as this on her network.  It would be another thing if she allowed them and said that she, herself, disagreed with people mutilating their bodies and saying they have changed their sex.  That may be in some ways, appropriate.  But allowing these things with no clarification is not acceptable.  Some would say I have no right to comment on this, this is free speech, and I have given my children free will.  I am afraid I cannot accept that principle.  Evil must be spoken against and those encouraging young people to commit such blasphemies as this are committing evil.  When I make someone female they are female for that lifetime, well, actually forever, and that's it!  When I make someone male they are male.  Man cannot undo what I do.  Those that think they can are destroyed forever.  But still it is my sincere hope that some day Oprah and Cher will realize the inappropriateness of supporting these things, and return to my service.  I would love to have Cher sing some of our songs and help us raise funds for The Palestinian Homeland.  I am sure the courier/protectors would adore her, she could help some of them develop their talents and support our work.  I have already spoken of what I would like from Oprah, an ongoing documentary, what is called a reality show, following my servant's presidential campaign.  It would be fantastic!  I am sure it would raise the ratings on her network.  But yes, dear one, I am hurt by these things and they do displease me because I do not like to see my children destroy themselves.  I am quite sure when these two realize what they're doing, especially if the human race perishes, it will destroy them.  I know the souls of my precious ones.  I know how they will react to things.  Sometimes I wish I didn't!  
    Now, speaking of our music, got a complaint.  I can't give it exactly as it was given to me, but it went something like "I am really upset with your servants saying they're not Prophets.  Nothing could be more ridiculous.  You've got to get this music out to the public!  You cannot tell me that you are not fulfilling "Don't Make Heaven Mad!" that it is not prophecy, except for the meteorites it's exactly what's happening today, the flooding, the tornadoes.  It might  not be in South Dakota, but it's definitely showing your wrath!  To say that the people that produced this are not profound prophets is beyond any rational thought."  Well, here's the link to the video of "Don't Make Heaven Mad!"  

    "I also think that "You Can Knock Those Towers Down" is prophecy that has been fulfilled."  Well, here's the link.  You can decide!

    This individual goes on to say that he believes "Care" was without question written by John Lennon, and that "Remember The Springtime" is also his work and one of the most beautiful love songs he's ever encountered.  He says there must be someone with the resources to get major performers to do these songs and overcome Yoko's objections.  He makes some very impolite comments about Yoko which I will not repeat and I do not approve of.  It is simply not our way.  But the individual goes on to say that my prophets must be acknowledged, and their work made generally available to the world, our efforts for the Palestinian Homeland made more available. He is not sure if my servant should be president. He says to tell the absolute truth he's terrified of him!  But we couldn't do much worse.  That is for sure!  When we say that Obama is a petty tyrant, he absolutely agrees.  Again, here's the l inks to the other two songs he mentioned.

   And I will tell you, without question, everyone in my Kingdom agrees.  They think "Care" is one of the most profound examples of how someone found faith that has ever been written.  That John's efforts have been recorded in my servant's work and will be cried to the universe for ages untold, they believe is something that has to be.  What he has accomplished can only be called miracles!  And they continue to occur every day.  Without the power he generated with our visits to Los Angeles my children would be dying right now, my world would be becoming a wasteland.  The human race survives only by the efforts of John Lennon!  Without him my servant would've failed.  He would've not had the power to accomplish his goals.  His people would've already been evacuating Earth.  It is still one of my greatest desires that before I must stop my work through my servant on July 4th, I get to visit Jimmy Kimmel and personally thank him for saving my children.  We still don't understand how it was managed, but those who have served me in the past have served me well in the present!  I must praise their efforts, even if with the strange phenomena of late, we don't fully understand how it happened.  I still say some day the people of California should be calling him Governor Kimmel, though he does not like the idea.  I know my servant's powers and where they should lead him.  
    My beloved Demetrius (Speaker Gerald Polley) does not really want to be president, but I believe him becoming so may be the only hope my children have.  So he will do his best.  Maybe in the future others that are reluctant will say "Father, I am your servant!  If you wish to glorify me in this manner, do so.  I will serve as You desire!"  I'd really appreciate it if those in the media would let Jimmy know how much I desire a visit to his show.  He can always say "This is Speaker Gerald Polley as God The Father," not exactly acknowledging us.  To have this happen would make me more joyous than any can imagine!  We have accomplished so much, we have such a little way to go to save my world, to save my children.  We wish we could go that short distance more.  
    My people will continue to pray, pray that those who should be listening hear.  Such horrendous offers are offered.  If The Mormons join us Joseph Smith's work will be added to The Children Of The Lord's History as it is.  The Book Of Mormon will become a part of their History.  Others are offered similar honors.  Smith asks his people to join us, to offer to let John Lennon use their temple in Los Angeles as his earthly residence, giving us a power base on both coasts.  It would be a perfect opportunity to accomplish this while I was visiting with Kimmel.  Two birds with one stone, sort of speak.  The Mormons could supply the temporary courier/protectors so we could accomplish the mission, glorifying their Prophet for all times, perhaps a permanent one.   It makes no sense that people are throwing away their glorification for perversion!  It makes no sense at all!   

He That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and