An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

05-05-02 AJ

   I have been asked why I haven't commented on the Geronimo incident.  Well, everybody else has been doing a pretty good job on that!  But whoever chose that code name must've been an idiot!  Anybody in their right mind would've known that would've been offensive to Native Americans.  Geronimo was a freedom fighter opposing the butchers that were invading his land and murdering and raping his people.  To compare a terrorist like bin Laden to him is an insult beyond imagination!  Immediately some responsible person should've changed the code word, something like Stalin, Moussilini or Hitler would have been appropriate, but to use the name of a Native American hero that stood against the tyranny that was devouring the Indian Nations is totally inappropriate!  Native Americans have every right to complain.  My servant's idea, when he becomes President is to grant to all The Indian Peoples full and complete sovereignty, to recognize The Indian Nations as separate states, really, nations and to give federal authorities no jurisdiction in them, whatsoever, including The FBI and The Internal Revenue.  Native Americans would not be required to serve in the military of The United States.  But if they chose to do so they would not lose their Native American status but still receive all benefits given to any other member of the military.  My servant would like to hear from the leaders of the Native American tribes on this idea.  If this is not suitable to them he would like to know what they do desire.  
    People are always asking my servant if they had things on his homeworld that they have on Earth.  The other day video games were mentioned, and the person asking was shocked when my servant explained that on Haven if you were caught playing anything like human video games you would've been burned alive with your family.  Such things were absolutely forbidden!  The nearest equivalent was games that were provided, or, programs for young men to train for certain military positions.  Nothing that was not educational was allowed.  Haven was a military dictatorship, and everything had a military basis.  Some physical games were allowed, the Havens had a form of basketball, but these were only permitted because they developed agility and team work.  The difference between my servant's homeworld and human culture is drastic.  Even among the other races violent video games so popular on Earth would've not been allowed.  Brutality was just unacceptable, even in play.  
    Linda has gotten a new song from The Afterlife about Obama and bin Laden.  Here's the link.

    The talent that we can draw upon is endless!  We have so much at our disposal.  Apparently the success of getting this song through has resparked our power in Los Angeles!  And it seems to be coming from three separate sources.  Yesterday every hour on the hour a wave of energy pulsed from Los Angeles that traveled around the world, fortifying us everywhere!  It was so strong that it got three more creatures of Darkness that were associated with bin Laden.   They were very old demons and very dependent on the power that he was feeding them.  They simply could not stand the waves of positive energy!  We wish so much that we could contact these sources materially, and get their physical support.  
    It's been found my servant has a urinary track infection.  The bleeding seems to have subsided.  He has to be on antibiotics for two weeks.  The biopsy of the prostate cannot be performed until the infection is dealt with.  It is not recommended that he does alot of walking and the medication makes him susceptible to direct sunlight.  It is going to make it very difficult for him to get around because he cannot afford $10 for a taxi to bring him in town.  He will probably walk anyway.  We wish so much we could get a temporary courier/protector, well actually we'd need two, one can only stay for a week.  The longest a temporary could serve is nine days, but my servant would not stretch it that far.  He limits it to seven days.  It would certainly help him heal if he could have better accommodations for this period of time.  But we will keep working!  My servant is a warrior.  No matter what obsticle is put before him he finds a way to overcome it.  It is simply his people's way.  Am I glad of that!  
    Oh!  While he was waiting for the doctor he was talking to another patient about fighting the legalization of marijuana when another patient spoke up and said "You religious fanatics have no right to interfere with a prescription drug. Marijuana is legal, it should be legal, and fanatics like you should not be denying it to the people that need it! Federal agents can't arrest doctors giving legal prescriptions in the state where they're living!  Why don't you leave people alone?"  My servant informed this individual that he would never leave people like him alone.  He would fight him every hour of the day.  It will be our goal to ban the sale of marijuana everywhere and to severely punish those growing it, transporting it, selling it, and using it.  Because they are destroying The United States and the world with their need to be high, and their need to profit no matter what.  The man was utterly shocked with my servant's response and simply stopped saying anything.  Anyone that associates with people like this, that has them in their home and listens to their sickness is not of my house, will never enter my Kingdom!  If someone comes to you and says "I support marijuana, can I come and discuss it with you?" tell them "No!  Never! People like you would never be permitted in my house.  I do not associate with the insane, with drug addicts.  I will not spread your sickness!"  There is no in between.  If you greet them, if you support them, you are with them, and you are banned from my Kingdom.  There can be no acceptance of illegal drugs whatsoever!  When my servant is president he will do all in his power to attack those spreading marijuana.  If he possibly can he will imprison them, rather they are senators, representatives, governors, or, mayors.  If they say "Legalize it!" they are criminals and my servant will oppose them, and if he can remove them from office.  As I say, there is no middle ground. If you support marijuana you are our enemy.  You will never enter my Kingdom.  You are an abomination, you are insane.  That is it!  No ifs ands, or buts. The choice is yours. Stand with me or stand against me.  And if you support marijuana you stand against me and have no place with me.  
     We have to laugh that some people are saying the person killed was a bin Laden look alike.  We guarantee you, he wasn't.  If someone else appears and says he's bin Laden, he will be the fake.  Now we're after his lieutenants.  There's debate rather or not bin Laden was armed, rather or not he should've been taken alive.  I, myself, will admit it was far better that he not be taken alive.  A long term of imprisonment and a trial that would've damaged American security would've not been acceptable and would've caused great unrest.  I will agree with the statements that The Navy SEALs were justified in believing that they were in immediate danger.  Bin Laden could have had his residence rigged to explode and kill everyone in it rather than be captured. To put him down immediately was the proper course of action.  Most of his victims were unarmed.  We believe bin Laden wanted to die, wanted to be a martyr which we will not allow him to be.  We will let the world know what he was, a creature of Darkness, a thing of unbelievable filth.  
    That seems to be it for today. The battle continues.  The waves of energy from Los Angeles caused my servant to have a dream that we were entering the city at the head of a large convoy.  Crowds were lining the streets crying "God is with us! God is with us!"  or the ancient form 'Hosanna!  Hosanna!"  National guard troops were keeping large numbers of homosexual demonstrators away from the arrival route.  We entered a large mansion and the courier/protectors led me to a room that was going to be my servant's headquarters for his presidential campaign.  Reporters from CNN and Fox were announcing "It's official!  God's servant is now in Los Angeles!  The demonstration July 4th is on! There is great unrest but also jubilation."  Now, that's a dream that we would like to be prophecy!  Just because my servant is sick right now does not mean that we couldn't move our operations.  He could have a prostate exam in Los Angeles and prostate surgery just as easily as he could in Ellsworth, Maine.  As we say, some things are highly improbable but nothing is impossible!  We love doing the impossible!

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and