An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

10-05-02 AJ

    I must inform you there was an horrendous spiritual battle in Los Angeles last night.  The creatures of Darkness were screaming "We have defeated you!  We have defeated you!  We have separated The Schwarzeneggers!  We have won! The human race is destroyed!"  Well, considering The Schwarzeneggers in their spiritual forms joined us in the battle and literally kicked the demons' butts I don't think they've quite won yet.  Though Maria's stubbornness has cost the people of California their own world in 100 years, the possibility is still open that she can give them one in 1,000 years if she ends her stubbornness and joins us. 
    I am asked "Who was she, that she has such power?"  Well, I have promised her I would never reveal her name.  But I will tell you a story.  In ancient times Israel was conquered by a ruthless and barbaric neighbor who were worshipers of Baal, and threw their first born sons alive, into Baal's altar fire to become his spiritual warriors.  It was the tradition of these people to once a year to send a concubine to the king from each tribe to be fertilized and bear a son to be sacrificed.  One of these concubines, 13 years old, became the king's favorite and stayed in his service, pleasing him and, the members of his court.  She soon became friends with the queen and one of the most influential people in her country. 
    Then, quite by accident she met an Israeli champion who was leading the resistance against her people, and immediately fell in love with him.  Their affair went on for some time then the king heard of it and convinced his concubine to betray her love.  She did so but was so grief stricken that in the end she restored his power and put him in position so he could slay the king and his entire court, dying with him.   In The Afterlife she became inseparable from her hero. 
    When it was decided that he would return to the material world to assist my servant in The Awakening, she came to me and said "God The Father, I know how powerful you are, and I know the things that you can do.  I ask you to be reunited with my love, to let me share in his glory and bear his children.  If you will do this for me whatever else you ask me to do even if it is not to my liking, I will do it.  My people are no longer called The Philistines, they are called The Palestinians.  And Abraham, their father, has promised to end their suffering.  I wish to be among those that assist him, and thereby end my shame.  I promise you all that I am if you will fulfill my wishes."  I answered, "Very well!  Your wishes shall be fulfilled. And I trust you to your word." 
    I fulfilled my word.  I gave this woman all that she asked for, and, more.  I have put her into a position where she can save The Palestinians and raise them to glory.  I believe in this woman's promise.  She has said that she will serve me, that she will do my will even if it is against her desires, even if she disagrees with me.  It is very, very rare when someone gives me such an oath that they do not fulfill it.  So I believe that somehow, some way, this woman will fulfill the promise that she has made to me, and that her husband will fulfill the promise that he has made to me.  That is why I believe that Maria Shriver will join us, that she will become my servant's campaign chairman in California, that her husband will become my servant's secretary of defense, and that she will become Sarah's chief of staff after the election, helping her perform her mission.  All of her family in my Kingdom is calling to her to fulfill her promise, encouraging her to take her glory and be what she is meant to be. 
    That is why I believe the demons' boast is empty, why I believe they are defeated, that The Schwarzeneggers will be reunited and they will show my glory, in a thousand years Maria will take the people of California to the stars. That she will have to wait a little bit longer because she has been so stubborn, but that some day she will declare that love is between a man and a woman, and there is nothing else.  It is that simple!  I believe in the promises that have been made to me. 
    Sometimes people can really fight, they can really resist, they want to have their own way.  But eventually they say "Lord, I am yours!  Forgive me for being so childish!  Your will be done!"   It has happened over and over again throughout the ages.  That is why I believe eventually we will succeed.  I have put my most powerful into the world, my greatest, those who have learned the lessons of life very hard, and eventually those lessons will be remembered.  That is why we will be victorious, because they are scattered throughout the world, all who have fulfilled my glory are now living and waiting to rise.  I believe they will rise before it is too late, because if they do not all is lost. The creatures of Darkness are fools!  They win petty little battles but they will not win the war! 
    Somebody has asked me why don't I offer Oprah Winfrey the position of Sarah's press secretary?  That it might be a good idea to switch it around and have Conan O'Brien be Sarah's press secretary and Oprah Winfrey be my servant's.  Well that's not exactly our plan.  That would have to be up to the two of them.  We had another in mind for that position, but that person has been unresponsive.  If Oprah would be interested and was to lead our campaign in Illinois she would be welcome to the position and we'll fill the other ones later.  When someone suggests a practical idea we're willing to listen and share it with the world.  But when we make promises sometimes we have to leave things up to the people we have made the promises to.  That is only right, and that is our way. 

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and