An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

28-05-02 AJ

    Some people are wondering why we haven't said anything about the capture of Ratko Mladic.  Well, we're not too happy with it.  We were in hopes he'd go the way of bin Laden and save us a lot of trouble.  The last thing we want is an extended trial in The Hague raising more hatred and anger in the region.  What we would like is The Serbs to turn him over to my servant and have my servant immediately hang him and destroy the creature of Darkness that is dwelling within him.  His soul ceased to exist long ago.  He is little more than a zombie being controlled by a creature of Darkness and still spreading his hate.  Of course we want those that have been protecting him.  But where the international court has no death penalty we wish The Serbs would take care of it.   We have made several attempts to dispose of this problem ourselves, but we have to admit, this creature of Darkness is one tough old bird!  However, I guarantee you, my servant could finish the job, even in his weakened state.  Of course Obama would never allow it.  He doesn't want him showing his power.  One of my servant's greatest fears is this piece of filth might try to put itself under his protection and ask for eternal life, an idea he doesn't like.
    Continuing our campaign of absolute truth, of hiding nothing, Michael Jackson has asked to come forth and make a statement to the people that is actually a message to his children on a matter that he wants them to act upon.  Here's the link to that message.

    There's no question things are still gonna be good and lively after I stop working directly through my servant!  But as I have said, I support Michael's people.  Though I understand my servant's loathing at the idea, the service they have given me deserves a reward.  Some people compare their plight to that of The Palestinians.  I am sure some compromise can be worked out.  And there is no question we need Michael's children, among others.  We can only succeed if we work together and it is only fair that that work be rewarded.  So I send my wishes to Michael's children also, that they respect their father's desires and serve as he requests. 
    My servant is doing better.  He managed to get up to the local Dollar Store yesterday and buy Linda two stand up fans which she needs in her apartment that would always be useful elsewhere, too.  Not a bad deal, two fans for about $35!  But the effort really drained him and increased the bleeding a bit.  We wish so much some of those so needed would show up before he goes back to the house where he's staying Sunday, and arrange some better accommodations, begin the effort for the move to Los Angeles. 
    The people that contact The Bushes and get them to respond are going to be among the most famous in history, with the senior President Bush being my physical host here in Ellsworth, Maine, and my servant in Los Angeles, we could well begin the flow of power that will crush the creatures of Darkness.  As I have said, my anger that The Democrats are still attacking his son over the war in Iraq while allowing their own president to conduct his absolutely illegal war in Libya,  is really angering me!  Both the father and the son should be saying "Enough of this crap! We're gonna start fighting back!"  When they do I'll be supporting them!   We can bring peace to The Middle East.  The separate homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel is the only answer.  It is the only thing that will truly bring peace.  Nothing else will work and everybody in the world knows it.  They know if they give The Palestinians part of Israel they'll demand it all, demand that The Israelis be put out.  The current peace proposal is just unworkable and everybody knows it!  Let's start promoting something that will work! 
    I am so disappointed that we could not reach Oprah and I didn't get to be on her last show.  Though we disagreed on some things the progress she made for equality towards women and especially her demonstration of what a talented woman of color can accomplish has benefited our Cause no matter what else!  My servant has ceased to associate with several people that have stated Oprah has no right to what she has because she's a woman, and, colored.  He especially dumps those that use the 'N' word and the 'B' word.  The world can be assured they won't be doing anything working with him!  He cannot tolerate such racism and such jealousy.  A man that degrades a strong woman and calls her offensive names shows his ignorance, and, his true character.  Before anyone says anything, when my servant speaks against Ellen Degeneres it is because of her sickness, not because of her gender.  As we have said, we promote female equality, not insanity! This is hard for some people to accept, but it is our way.  We cannot support those women that have turned from my perfection and live in a sinful relationship.   Our stand might not be popular, but it is what has always been. And it is what it will always be.   

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley, at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and