An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

06-05-02 AJ

    I must say how much I appreciate the efforts of my servants.  No matter what obstacles are put before them they manage to get things done!  Our beloved Linda has recorded the new song about bin Laden and Obama.

.  I am asked the foolish question don't I respect Obama's visit to Ground Zero and his speaking with the victims of 9/11?  No.  For one simple reason.  He is using this to distract from his own terrorism, from the slaughter he is causing in Libya and, with the uprisings he caused in Syria.  He will be held accountable for each and every victim.  He is just as bad as bin Laden, if not worse.  He is murdering innocent women and children in a country that cannot fight back.  This song expresses our feelings exactly.  Though we have problems with You Tube and eventually plan to shut it down because one of their homosexual owners removed our material, we still ask everyone to view Linda's video.  We want to see thousands and thousands of visits.  We want her hard work praised, and for people to say "We want this woman to be First Lady!  Let's elect her husband!  Let's stop this insanity!"  
   Speaking of my servant, he's not doing very well.  He returned to the house where he's staying and they've turned off the heat.  He has to sleep in his clothes with extra covers and he still can't keep warm.  Though he's cold he's sweating, probably an effect of the medication.  And to add insult to injury, he barely got home and a census worker knocked on his door asking him to answer questions.  He told her no and she continued to bombard him with  the census propaganda.  He again told her no, he never cooperates with the census and not to bother him again, and shut the door.  It will be one of the goals of my servant's presidency to take away the census bureau's ability to harass citizens, to forbid them to  ask any questions other than "How many people live in your house?" their sexes and their ages.  The census bureau should be asking no other questions.  Their job is to count the population, nothing else.  They should not be used as an implement of the government to spy on its citizens.  When a citizen tells a census worker that they may not enter their home that should be respected.  No petty little tyrant working for the government should have the right to violate a citizen's rights.  Help us end this insanity by electing my servant to the presidency and seeing to it that the sanctity of American citizens' homes is respected, and that government agents cannot force them to give information that they don't want to give.  Their cry that it is for the good of the nation is ludicrous.  It's only for the power of the government.  
    Now, I hear that France is putting out all Libyan diplomats that support Gadhafi.  I again ask the leaders of all Arab nations to put out all French diplomats and order their embassy shut and bring all their embassy people home from France.  If France recognizes the terrorists trying to take over Libya, they are the enemy of The Arab People, and terrorists themselves.  I have asked the oil producing countries to start charging The United States $120 a barrel for oil until Obama is impeached for the murder of Gadhafi's grandchildren, a criminal act.  I ask also that France be charged the same price until it stops its attacks on Libya and recognizes its rightful ruler.  It is up to the people of Libya who will rule them.  It is not up to the president of The United States, nor is it up to the president of France.  They do not rule The Arab World.  And I wish The Arabs would send that message clearly and loudly.  Obama is showing his true nature.  They should not tolerate it!  I wish The Arab Leaders would join me in my march through San Francisco on July 4th, to tell the world they are coming, and that they will stand against Obama.  
    Now, we get frequent emails from The Illinois Family Institute which we wish very much we could get their endorsement and help for my servant's presidential campaign. Though they are anti gay unfortunately they are also anti abortion and will not assist us.  It is a shame because we could be of great benefit to each other.  But anyway, they let us know that the Illinois house of representatives rejected a bill to legalize medical marijuana by a vote of 53 to 61 with two voting present.  We would've much preferred a vote of 13 to 101.  Unfortunately it shows how corrupt The United States has become when the vote is so close.  As far as we are concerned every representative that voted for the legalization of marijuana should be put out of The House Of Representatives as unfit to serve.  Their leader especially, representative Lou Lang should go without question.  For this person is undoubtedly a creature of Darkness, a thing of profound evil.  We ask everyone to email The House Of Representatives and voice their objections to this representatives policies.  And we would really appreciate you emailing the Institute and asking them to support my candidate, even with their opposing views on abortion.  If we do not unite against the common foes my children will be destroyed forever.  This must not be!  My children must survive.  
    I've been  asked "Please please tell me Zsa Zsa Gabor will be welcome to your Kingdom, that she will not be put out."  Well, you tell me.  Does she support gay marriage and  homosexuality in general?  Is she an anti abortionist?  Does she support the legalization of marijuana?  If she does any one of these things she will not enter my Kingdom.  No person that is campaigning to destroy my children will enter my Kingdom.  But to be absolutely honest I must tell everyone that Zsa Zsa would not enter my Kingdom anyway.  She's not one of my children.  Her and current husband are both my servant's people.  They are the reincarnation of Havens and will have to stand in a separate judgment.  Why do you think the lady is so popular?  Why do you think she has such power over others?  Because she is one of The Hosts Of Heaven, one of my adopted daughters.  So the question of rather or not she will enter my Kingdom is moot, it has no meaning.  She will chose to dwell with her own People, and probably visit my Kingdom quite often.  
    That's about it for this morning.  I still reach out to the world with the truth, though it is hated, though people do not want to hear it, I will continue to speak it.  And I will encourage every people that are being oppressed to fight back, to stand against those who are misusing them, as Obama is misusing The Middle East to try to get his legislation passed in The United States, the dirtiest and the foulest of all politics, to attack the innocent to glorify yourself among your own people so they will allow your policies.  Obama is the foulest of creatures of Darkness, a thing that will do anything for power and to have his way.  He must be stopped!  And we will do all in our power to stop him, and we will encourage all others to stop him. I do not want any physical harm to come to him, because I want him to live a long, miserable life, ignored by everybody until it ends and he suffers eternal death. I want him to know every hour that he breathes that his mortal existence will be all that he will ever have, and when it ends he ends, forever.  Because my power is greater than his.  So I want him to live a nice, long life knowing what is coming, and knowing there is no escape.  He chose to do battle with The Lord Of Hosts, and I have told people for ages what the price of that is, the lake of eternal fire and, eternal death.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 329, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and