An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

12-05-02 AJ

    We need a little advice this morning from our radio, t.v., and newspaper friends.  Old noah610 is back, and he is in a total panic.  Apparently someone has found out what he has been doing and is very displeased.  He wants us to put an alias on all of his emails and to remove his contact information.  He threatens to call the police in Chicago if we do not.  We told him to go ahead and call.  We believe that when he sent us these insulting, threatening emails he gave us every right to make them public and to tell the world who was responsible for them.  If he wants to play we have every right to make it public.  Also, he gave his contact information of his own free will and dared us to use it because he wanted to show off to the public. We fulfilled his wishes so we have every right to keep everything that we have up, up.  It is our property.  He gave it to us.  We can use it as we please.  He wanted to play, we're playing.  We would like the advice of those we email to rather or not they think we have legal standing.  We think old noah610 will be a good example to others that want to play this dirty little game.  He thinks he can insult people and get away with it, and there's going to be no reprocussions.  We want everybody in the world to know that when you attack us people will know about it forever. Even if we're forced to remove the material temporarily, as soon as we have more political clout and attorneys we'll put it back up.  Whenever anyone attacks us we will make as much of it public as we can.  That is our right.  We will not give them anonymity, as much as we can, we'll let everybody know who they are.  We do not hide who we are, and we do not believe anyone attacking us has the right to hide who they are.  If they want to play, we'll play.  We'll fight back, and we'll fight back hard.  This individual thinks he's cute, he thinks he's powerful, and we think he's beginning to learn how wrong he is.  We want others to profit from his example and not make the mistake that he is making.  So come on, folks!  Give us your legal opinions. If you have a lawyer on your staff ask him or her what they think. And we would love people to make copies of all of noah610's material and put it on their web sites so it's all over the internet.  So he's going to have a very hard time reaching everybody that has it up to get them to remove it.  Let's have a little fun!  We'd really appreciate it.  But we're telling the world you attack us, and we'll show what you're doing.  So we'd think twice about it.  

"From: "" <>Add to Contacts

    You have 24 hours to remove my name, email address and the link to my Facebook from your website.  Keep our correspondence if you would like but use a pseudonym for me.  It can be as vulgar or insulting as you would like Gerald.
    If you do not comply, then you will be receiving a phone call from the Chicago Police Department, formally requesting that you do so, and if you still refuse I will press charges.
24 hours Gerald."

    They are taking bets in my Kingdom as to when the cruise missiles will start falling in Syria.  Obama is again declaring that a Mid East president is unfit to rule and should be removed.  I again tell The Islamic People and The Arabs especially that they are making a tragic mistake allowing Obama to cause these insurrections and put out the legitimate leaders in these countries.  Again he is interfering with plans that we worked on for decades in the hopes of destroying the human race.  The Islamic People should put all American diplomats and military personnel out of their countries. Their military personnel are holding guns to the heads of The Islamic Leaders and saying "Obey us or we will put you out! We now rule The Middle East along with France!  You cannot stand against us."  
    They are also taking bets who will be next.  It is almost a draw between Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emerites.  We will have to see who Obama believes is the weakest.  Those who are now rising to power and think that Obama will send them military aide to overcome their leaders hopefully will be sadly disappointed.  Again, I ask the oil producing countries to start charging The United States $120 a barrel for oil while continuing to charge other nations less than $100, also, France and Britain.  Obama's weakness is the economy.  It is the greatest weapon that The Arabs have.  The United States and Europe is still dependent on their oil. They cannot survive without it.  That is why they want control of The Middle East.  A blind man could see what is happening. My servant doesn't even need to be a Prophet to see what is going on!  He is a military tactician himself and has fought many conflicts through the ages. That others do not see what is going on is utter folly!  
    Obama believes with a 60% approval rate he can get away with anything.  But if The Islamic People stand fast he can be impeached for the murder of Gadhafi's grandchildren.  They have the power to see to it that justice is done and the innocent are avenged.  Obama is breaking international law.  He is targeting the leaders of other nations, which is totally and completely illegal, definitely a high crime and misdemeanor. The Arabs should be asking The Republicans "Why aren't you taking action?  Why won't you stand with us? Why do you betray us? If you want us on your side you'd better stand with us now and support God's candidate!"  
    There can be peace in the world.  Nations can be stable and the people can have increased rights, but not by murder and extortion.  Peace must come, freedom must come, with the willing hearts of those that rule.  
    That is it for today.  It should be enough!  I want to hear the cry throughout The United States, "Impeach now! Stop Obama now before it is too late, before he ignites a war that will leave millions dead and destroy much of the world's resources.  

He That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and