An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

03-05-02 AJ

    The story the U.S. government is putting out about how they located bin Laden is rather laughable.  It has some truth.  But the part that is being left out is that one of bin Laden's lieutenants wanting to have full control of the organization, arranged it so bin Laden's aide could be tracked, insuring that his leader would eventually be eliminated.  Took a little longer than he'd planned, but Obama needed something to cover up his murder of civilians in Libya to distract the people from his own terrorism.  Dealing with bin Laden was just the thing.  Unfortunately we're not stupid!  This is one of the oldest and one of the dirtiest tricks.  However, we must compliment The Navy SEALs that carried out the mission.  It's a good thing, though, we decided to send along some of my servant's daughters in spiritual form.  They weren't able to keep the creatures of Darkness from knocking down one helicopter, but they prevented them from taking out the second one.  It is rare that we lift a sanction and protect those that we said we wouldn't.  But this was a very special occasion.  With The Navy SEALs' help we have eliminated two of the most formidable creatures of Darkness among those trying to destroy Islam!  So, showing a little support sometimes is acceptable.  
    Despite why this mission was carried out, it is a success.  Now we need bin Laden's lieutenants.  We have killed one of the hydra's heads, now we need to get the rest.  Here's a link to the song that was written just after 9/11 expressing our feelings on bin Laden.  The statements in it have finally been fulfilled!  But we're not done yet!

    Speaking of Libya, the new ruler of The Kingdom Of Islam commonly called Paradise, has had the first challenge to his power!  A group of Shiite clerics (most from Iran) came to him and announced they wanted a grand council to question his right to rule.  Their leader asked them "Why?  God has said I am the ruler of Paradise in Muhammed's stead. Why is there any question?"  The leader of the clerics answered "We want to petition God that The Father Of Fathers become Ruler of Paradise.  If Muhammed will never return the one who taught him should rule over us, not someone whose worthiness is questionable."  One of the leader's aides remarked "Sir, you should know that God has forbidden anyone to put forth this proposal.  The Father Of Fathers is never to be asked to rule over us!"  "Is this true?" the new leader asked.  "Do you defy a decree given by Allah?"  "We have a right," the leader of the clerics answered, "to express our desires. Our material leaders have a right to be recognized, our desires heard.  God should not forbid us to speak what is the people's will."  "Well, He does," their leader answered, "as far as I'm concerned His word is absolute!  If He tells me something is to be done, I will do it!  As you will not, you are not worthy to dwell in the Paradise that He has prepared for you, so depart from it and never return! Find shelter with others but you are not a part of Islam.  I will not care for you!  Get them out of here! And warn all others.  Any that challenge a decree given by Allah, spoken by God, will be put out while I rule Paradise.  God is to be obeyed in all things!  Any that will not are gone!"  I think my new servant has done quite well in his first challenge.  I don't think there'll be very many more.
    I wish my earthly servant was doing better.  He had to go to the emergency room yesterday because the bleeding from the prostate test got severe.  But they weren't able to do anything and he had to walk home and had another session of severe bleeding this morning.  He's supposed to see the regular doctor again tomorrow, and some corderizing may need to be done.  He's staying with Linda a couple of days so she can monitor his welfare until the bleeding is under control.  Some are worried that the strain of my using his physical form may be too much.  But we are still hoping that we can get together our anti Obama demonstration in San Francisco July 4th and shut down the holiday in all other American cities in protest of Obama's dictatorial attitudes, and, The Democrats' lawlessness.  We will be protesting the murder of women and children in Libya, the sodomizing of the Army and the nation, the supporting of the legalizing of marijuana.  Some other issues may come along.  But we will not be protesting abortion, which is keeping many people from joining the effort.  But I have said it before and I will say it again, my servant will not come to power by torturing innocent women, by speaking blasphemy, such as the anti abortionists teach.  It is not our way!  
    But as we conduct our campaign we will hide nothing!  We won't tell anti abortionists that we'll support them to get their votes.  We will tell them that their teaching is unacceptable. We don't like abortion, it's not our way, but we do not believe we have the right to tell a woman she can't have one.  It is a simple matter.  Rather or not a woman has an abortion is between me, her, and, her doctor, no one else.  No politician has a right to get involved, no member of the clergy has a right to get involved.  Any person has a right to say they don't approve of abortion, but they have no right passing laws trying to force their opinion on others.  If a woman is part of a church that does not approve of abortion and has one, that church can put that woman out, refuse to recognize her as a member of their society.  But they have no right regulating the life of a woman that's not a part of their congregation, no matter how strong their feelings on the issue.  It's that simple!  Those who try to force their religious beliefs on others will never be accepted.  It is simply not our way.  But we will not tolerate domestic terrorists and those that encourage people to kill abortion doctors are domestic terrorists.  Anyone that threatens the life of a woman that has had an abortion and calls her a murderer is a domestic terrorists, just as much as a member of Al Quaida is a terrorist.  Al Quaida believes in forcing religion on people.  The anti abortionists believe in forcing religion on people.  They are of the same mindset and both are just as evil.  Unpopular, but true.  Anyone that says "Kill someone that doesn't believe in your religious practices!" is a creature of Darkness, no matter how justified they say their cause is.  They will never enter my Kingdom!  
    Here's a laughable question!  I am asked why am I against celibacy?  It's an unnatural state, just the same as homosexuality.  A man that denies his sexual needs is just as bad as a man who fulfills perverted sexual needs.  I have commanded that my people go forth and multiply.  A celibate man cannot fulfill that command.  And in many cases celibacy is a joke.  Many priests have secret wives and secret families.  And this is an abomination.  If a man has children he should declare them and care for them, and his community should accept them.  Celibacy creates the need for sexual fulfillment in other ways and many men turn to perversion instead of breaking their vows and having sex with a woman.  The evil that celibacy causes is unquestioned, well known, and recognized.  Yet this false teaching is still put forth.  I declare to the world, I will never recognize it.  No man enters my Kingdom unless he takes a female partner.  Every priest that is now in my Kingdom has a wife.  Every nun has a husband.  I will accept nothing else.  No matter how much the lie is told I do not accept celibacy and, I never will!  And I'll tell you something.  Every priest in my Kingdom is very, very happy, VERY happy!  
    Got a silly question. "By any chance is your servant a Trekkie?  Everything he teaches sounds too "Star Trekkie" and is rather humorous."  Humorous?  Well, I don't see why.  The answer is yes.  My servant and his wife are big fans of Star Trek. The original series reminded him much of his own ships.  He always had empathy for Spock.  Sometimes fiction can parallel truth.  It's often said truth is stranger than fiction. Star Trek was very, very useful.  

He Who Dwells
In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and