An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

08-05-02 AJ

    We wish we could start off with something good this morning, but we can't.  The situation in Egypt with the attack on two Christian churches has created great difficulty.  Of course the relatives of the attackers do not want us to take even the standard punishment of ten souls destroyed for every Christian killed.  Unfortunately because Egypt has become a colony of France and is assisting in the attacks on Libya, that standard punishment has increased to 100 for each person killed.  So we have marked 400 members of the families of those responsible so that their souls can quickly be destroyed forever.  But the victims have asked me for mercy.  So I will make this offer.  If The Egyptian government brings the four ringleaders to trial, sentences them to death, and hangs them naked with their legs spread, in front of the churches we will spare their families.  This is the best offer I could make.  We would prefer to have my servant execute them and make sure that they are destroyed forever.  But they would have to be brought to The United States for that, and the American government would never allow it.  If they were to cooperate they could be executed by lethal injection and have eternal life. But only my servant with the aide of the Islamic courier/protectors could do that.  However, I will offer mercy even when a nation is betraying me, and, betraying their own people.  
    On another matter one of our dearest friends has asked do I know Obama's true name, who he was before he was reincarnated.  Of course I do but I cannot speak it. When an individual becomes a demon, a creature of Darkness for the sake of their families their names are no longer used.  They are given a designation beginning with the year that they became a demon, and then their location.  Obama's designation is 1910 USA Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh A.  This is usually written with abbreviations.  But we are quite sure this is the creature of Darkness that is now inhabiting the body that was once Barack Obama.  We believe its true inhabitant, well we know, really, died some time when he was 15 years old it was already so corrupt that he suffered eternal death.  This creature of Darkness took over his body and has been dwelling in it ever since.  We are surprised that it is such a good match and the body has not begun to break down.  It is believed he may live a long life span.  People ask how can I say these things?  I say them because we know they're the truth!  My servant has fought such creatures for ages, even on his own world.  The Biblical teachings of demons is quite clear.  Jesus' power over them was profound.  My servant's power over them is impressive, also.  Only the very worst will challenge him, whose egos make them believe they are more powerful.  They usually very quickly learn how mistaken they are!  There seems to be an epidemic of it lately.  My servant has destroyed so many of them in the last three years we wonder how they can still function!  But there are many more he wants to dispose of.  However, even the worst creature of Darkness can survive and be brought back to eternal life if they accept obedience and put themselves under my servant's protection.  Of course there's some that would have to go under his wife's protection.  He would take the females, she would take the males.  And the courier/protectors would help her, another reason they're needed!  
    My servant is not doing well.  It took three tries to get this message through this morning. Everything kept fouling up!  Now we seem to have a system again that will work.  But he is very weak and Linda will have to send out the email again today.  Unfortunately she has an old email list.  We will try to update as soon as possible.  We are doing our best.  
    We are really giggling over the Obama administration trying to make people believe that bin Laden was still of importance.  His own people put him in this house six years ago and tried to set it up so he would be killed.  But President Bush did not want to antagonize The Pakistanis and was trying to get them to take care of it.  When the Obama administration took over they decided they wanted to cause a row with The Islamic People, so they used this opportunity to get good publicity while widening the gap that they have already caused.  They know full well I am asking The Islamic People to order all American diplomats and military to leave their countries and to go to Libya's aide to save themselves.  They believe this is the perfect thing to raise The American People against Islam while making lip service that they do not associate terrorism with Islam.  They're trying to play both sides of the game and it's apt to come back on them, we hope!  We'd be very surprised if any of the information they find is current.  Bin Laden's lieutenants have been acting on their own for six years or more, ignoring anything that comes from bin Laden, sending him messages in reply but working on their own plans.  They are utterly frustrated that every attack they have tried against The United States has failed, or not struck the targets they intended.  They know full well something is wrong, and they are running scared.  They know there is a power after them greater than any politician, greater than any government, and they know it is stopping them again and again.  So does the governments of the world.  But Obama is trying to take my glory, trying to give his people credit for my efforts, and it isn't going to last.  
    We've been asked who bin Laden was.  He was a simple politician many years ago, who was murdered with his family during the colonial period in The Middle East and came to hate The Europeans.  That hatred caused him to become a creature of Darkness after he was reborn, and has caused the havoc that we have witnessed.  Again, for the sake of his family, we will not say his name.  He has done enough to shame his current family, and well deserves to have the worms at the bottom of the ocean devouring him.  Let's hope he doesn't poison them!  But the idea that bin Laden was still controlling Al Quaida is hilarious!  He was just a lonely, abandoned old man sending meaningless messages to the world who no one was listening to any more.  The real enemies are his lieutenants.  And there will be no closure with 9/    11 until each and every one of them is brought to justice.  Obama is making a big to do over nothing!  He is a laughing stock, a buffoon!  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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