An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

07-05-02 AJ

    Now, I am asked what could my servant possibly do to outshine Obama with the assassination of bin Laden?  Well, let me see, shouldn't be that difficult!  I would get the cooperation of The Islamic Nations and have them take into custody bin Laden's five top aides.  I would then ask The Islamic People to tell The United States government that "If you will give us temporary control of the national guard base at Bangor, Maine, we will fly the prisoners there so The Lord Of Hosts, using the physical form of Speaker Gerald Polley, can pass judgment on them, and send them to their just rewards. We would give the American government 48 hours to interrogate the prisoners.  Then I would give the prisoners this offer.  "If you fully cooperate, answer all questions honestly, we will permit you to be executed in private with a lethal injection and my servant will make it possible for you to enter into The Afterlife and have eternal life.  He will even take you with his people to the stars.  Because I certainly won't have anything more to do with you.  But we will give you eternity.  If you won't cooperate, my servant will hang you publicly, naked, with your legs spread so the world could see your shame.  Afterwards you will be cremated and your ashes spread over the ocean.  However, if you cooperate we will return your bodies to your families and you may be buried in your homeland."  I'd have The Islamic People insist that my servant be given temporary rank in the American military suitable to perform this mission, say, a three star general in The Marine Corps, with his wife being given the rank of a two star general.  My servant would be deeply honored if The Marine Corps would allow him to wear their colors while performing this mission.  
    Finally, I would have The Islamic People require of The United States Government that they pay all rewards for the individuals captured to my servant because it will be his forces that will actually be doing the work.  I think that would be a good way of showing our superiority to Obama.  I'm sure he cannot promise anyone eternal life.  All he can offer them is eternal death.  Just an idea, but it's how we would do things.      We would not send our forces into other peoples' countries without their consent. If we did we wouldn't brag about it and embarrass them. We'd get them to work with us and give them power and glory for doing so and take them with us to the stars.  We would do all of this with the consent of those in The Afterlife that have been injured by bin Laden and his people.  Because they know our way is far better.  
    I'd like everybody's opinion on this idea. I wish  the Arab press would circulate it.  You see, when you have the powers of eternity you can offer people things no material leader can offer.  But I'd love it if The Islamic People would turn this trash over to me before The 4th of July.  It would be a great prelude to my march through San Francisco!  Of course if we were to move our operations to California I'm sure there's a military base somewhere in Los Angeles that we could use, or perhaps part of some Islamic country's embassy.  Slight alterations would be acceptable.  But that's how I'd out do Obama.  Piece of cake!
    I am asked again why won't I leave The Bushes alone?  They have done their tour of duty and want to be left alone.  They don't want to be involved in the insanity of politics any more.  Well, fortunately or unfortunately whatever way you look at it, The Bushes are some of my greatest workers.  George W. is the reincarnation of King David.  His parents are the reincarnation of David's parents.  They came into the world to assist my servant in The Awakening, to see to it that the people of Israel did not oppose him, or, Christianity.  You see, my servant also existed in that lifetime.  My servant was David's greatest supporter and best friend.  But David fell in love with his wife and sent my servant on a suicide mission so he could have her.  My servant's wife died in childbirth producing one of David's sons.  That son was given to another one of David's wives whose child was born dead and grew up to become King Solomon, the greatest of Israel's kings.  So David's parents believed this was a golden opportunity to repay the debt that is owed my servant.  Of course their original mission has changed.  Now we are fighting for the very existence of my children, for the very existence of my world.  And if The Bushes find out they have failed even though they are immortal souls that failure may destroy them forever, though I would do all in my power to prevent it.  The grief they would suffer would be so great it would devour them.  So you can see why I want desperately to have The Bushes rally to my servant.  Not only do we need them, but I desire to protect them.  
    And as for Laura Bush she is the reincarnation of Queen Esther who was responsible for the Jewish people returning to Israel, one of my greatest leaders.  Her mission was the same, to help with The Awakening.  But now she too is needed to save my children.  And every hour is precious.  Every moment that we are not united and working to defeat our enemy increases the danger that my children will be lost forever.       Oh, by the way, my servant forgave David long ago!  They do not consider that debt still exists.  But it is still a matter of honor that should be fulfilled.  
    My workers are all over the world, in Los Angeles two of my most powerful prophets are now dwelling who my servant has had contact with.  Besides them one of my greatest champions also lives there, and his lady that are also empowering my servant.  I wish so much they would support him materially!  But people my servant has touched throughout history are now in physical forms all over the world and are supposed to be serving him because of their devotion to him.  But the poison of the world has distracted them and they will not rally to him.  Somehow we must break through the lies, defeat the creatures of Darkness so the bonds of ages can be reestablished and the world will be as it should be, and the creatures of Darkness defeated.  The lies should not make age old friends enemies.  The truth should bind them together and take them to the stars, spread my glory throughout the heavens.  That is why I need The Bushes.  That is why I need my friends in California.  So it is as it should be.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and