An Open Decree From God The Father
To Pope Benedict Of Rome

24-06-02 AJ

    In our message today one of my friends states that she believes you do not know of my servant, and would not accept that I speak through him.  I know you are aware of my servant and what he says is true.  You know that you should go to him and take the Catholic protector from Rome.  I still instruct you to do that. I will instruct you on the first thing I want her to do when she takes up her duties.  
    My servant has many relics in his possession from the years of his work, things that have stored a great deal of spiritual power, such as clothes that he wore while Jesus was using his physical form, pens that he corresponded with and which him and Jesus created art work with, many ordinary every  day items, that because they were used by him, Jesus and myself, gained great power.  I want the Italian protector's first job to be to inventory all these items, to gather them up and see that they are protected.  Then I want her to put a list of these items up on the internet, for all the churches in Italy that donated a loan to her support money and allow them to select an item to be displayed in their church, to bring my power directly to their church.  When the Catholic protector has time I wish the Church to fund a trip for her back to Italy so she can distribute these items to the churches.  I want this to be her first mission, the first thing that she accomplishes in my servant's service.  We must distribute my power throughout the world to break the power of the creatures of Darkness.  This will be one of the most effective ways of doing so.  Later, perhaps after the election, or, before if there's an opportunity, I desire the Italian protector to acquire relics for the American churches that stand with us, and to have the duty to deliver them.  Perhaps this could be accomplished as my servant campaigns, and goes to different states.  But I especially want the Roman protector to be in charge of this project.  I am sure my servant will agree, and, the head of the order.
    There is, however, an item that I want you to acquire, the gray pants that my servant is wearing right now as I dictate this message.  They were stained with his blood when he suffered in my service, and would not give up the battle.  They are extremely powerful.  I wish you to purchase for my servant three pairs of black dickie work pants, three black work shirts, and present them to him in exchange for these pants.  As my servant campaigns he will not wear suits, he will dress as a common laborer, as a common worker.  He will not attempt to appear to be an aristocrat.  He understands the poor because he has been poor.  He understands the needy because he has been needy.  He understands the old because he is old before his time because of his service to the people.  Anyway, he looks like a slob in a suit. I don't think so, but he does.  
   These are additional requests that I make of you, these are my desires that I have you do. I want this power returned to Italy.  I want my glory to return to Italy.  
     There is one other thing.  I wish to have these pants displayed in St. Peter's so the faithful can view them, be empowered by them, and I want The Borgias removed from St. Peter's, those false popes that began the destruction of The Church with their lust and greed. I want them off my sacred ground!  I want them removed and buried in unsanctified ground.  I want their names struck from the Catholic rolls, and in all records they simply be referred to as the number of the Pope that they were, that their names never be uttered.  For they were unfit to be my servants, and have nearly destroyed my world.  Every honor that has been given them must be taken away from them, and the world must be told what filth they were.  This is my Decree, this is my instruction.  The unholy shall not dwell in my holy house.  They shall not remain there!  
    I wish you to deny the non believers, I wish you to declare to the world that Speaker Gerald Polley does, indeed speak for God and you are ashamed that you did not answer his call before, but now are his faithful servant.  
    If I get this, what you love will survive, and your people will be glorified.  If I do not, all will pass away into oblivion.  And when someone asks, "What was Catholicism?" the answer will be "Never heard of it!  No idea whatsoever! Must've been one of the old false religions."  I promise you, if I am not heeded that is what will come to pass!  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and