An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

18-05-02 AJ

    My servant was watching one of those crime scene investigation shows yesterday, and the characters were having a discussion as to when a fetus is alive and it prompted a question from one of the former anti abortionists in my Kingdom.  "You teach that a fetus isn't alive because only one soul can exist in a body at the same time.  What about an embryo that's fertilized outside a body and then put back in a host?  Isn't that embryo alive?  Doesn't it have a soul?"  Now that is an interesting question which I believe we should clarify so that people will understand.  No.  That embryo is no more alive than a bacteria or something of that such.  The only way a soul could enter such an embryo outside of a body is if that embryo reached the stage where there was considerable brain development.  My servant's people noticed that in the case of clones that were produced outside of a living organism the soul would enter its body as soon as there was sufficient brain development, probably in the first, second, or third month.  Of course human technology does not have the capability of producing an organism to that extent.  That is why we do not oppose stem cell research and other research that deals with simply a few cells.  In order for an organism to be alive, to have a soul, it must be fairly well developed and outside a physical host.  Man can manipulate life, he does not yet have the capability of producing it.  That will not come for some years.
    The question again arises how can I believe that my candidate can raise the people and the finances to win the presidency?  Where would he possibly get the support?  Well, I have mentioned some individuals before but I will mention them again.  There is in California a millionaire whose son was lured into homosexuality, contracted aids and died.  He has no heir.  He wants to punish the homosexual movement for the destruction of his son.  He knows of my candidate and wishes to join him because he is aware at this time my servant has the power to fulfill his greatest desire with the help of Michael Jackson.  That is to restore his son's eternal life and reunite them in the future so they may again be together.  
    I will tell you something.  Very little frightens my servant, very little worries him.  But this power does.  It shows how desperate the world is to save souls, to keep The Circle Of Life functioning. We have no idea how long this power will last.  It's never been seen before.  None of my servants have ever possessed it.  But while we have it we will use it.  If this individual can raise enough support for my servant, cause enough flow of power through him, we're quite sure we can draw his son back from eternal death and give him another chance for eternal life.  This man may well declare my servant his heir and give him all he has.  
    And this is just one person.  There are three others in California, one for each major religion, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew, one that claims she no longer believes in me but feels the same way about her daughter as the others feel about their sons.  One of these individuals desires to destroy The Catholic Church because it was a priest that sodomized his son and destroyed him. The only thing that is keeping these people from joining my servant right now and pouring everything they have into his campaign is our stand on abortion.  They can't quite break away from the anti abortionists' blasphemy.  But I think it is only a matter of time.  They cannot sacrifice their childrens' eternity much longer.  They cannot know they will be separated from them forever and do nothing.  I believe very soon they will cast off those that oppose my servant and begin to speak for him, encourage others to speak for him.  I believe they will ask that he restore their children in exchange for their services.  
    And this is just California!  I believe there is at least one individual like these in each state that is being torn by the agony of what has been done to them, of what has been done to their children and know my servant is the answer to their prayers.  And this is just homosexuality!  There are others whose children have been destroyed by drugs, and those that have been led into racism, many well to do parents that know their children went the wrong way and that only my servant can bring them back to eternal life with those that support him, individuals that would be willing to give all they have for their children to have eternity, for their world not to die.  
    It may end up that there are dozens in each state.  That is why I believe eventually the movement will rise.  And with these peoples' help my servant will be able to fix what's wrong with this country.  Because there are those that will give all they have for their children when they know there is someone that can bring them back.   They should take advantage of it while the power is still there.  We don't know what's going to happen after July 4th, how much of what we have will fade away.  So the sooner the better!  But as I have said, we have everything we need, and more.  We simply have to awaken the people and have them start doing good deeds in my servant's name to show the world what we can do.  And this is just The United States!  We believe there are individuals like this in every country, some of them very influential, especially in Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emerites.  There are those all over the world that are becoming aware of what my servant can do and want access to his abilities.  We will raise them, somehow we will bring them together no matter how much the creatures of Darkness try to keep us from doing so.  Their power weakens daily and those that cry for their children cannot resist much longer.  No matter what tricks the creatures of Darkness use to hold them back they will fail and The Awakening will begin.  It cannot be stopped!
    Speaking of good deeds, my servant wishes he had the funds right now to set up a trust fund for the victim of our little French friend, guaranteeing her an income of $1,000 a month, and the offer of a maid's position in The White House when he's president if she wants it, which would certainly add to her income. But he wants her to have enough so she won't have to sue her attacker and take this defense away from his sleazy lawyer.  I am asked for mercy by his family.  I always give mercy!  I always give the opportunity for mercy.  All he has to do is say "Yes, I did it. I'm sorry, in no way was it consensual," and accept a period of incarceration in a comfortable prison.  If he meets these conditions and does not try to shame and degrade this woman to escape his deed, I will welcome him to my Kingdom and see to it that he has eternal life.  All we ask is the truth, and that my daughters not be attacked to try to hide the lust of ignorant men.  However, if he tries to destroy this woman's character to cover his deeds, I will destroy him forever.  No compromise, no excuses.  I don't care how powerful he is, I don't care how important he is.  My daughters aren't his playthings to abuse at his pleasure.  If people don't like that, too bad!  I will offer mercy, but not to those who continue to do evil.  That's just the way I am, and it's the way I have always been.  I give men every opportunity to repent.  If they won't that's their choice.  But I cannot abide with anyone that doesn't.  
  Here's the link to the video of Michael's new song.  Unfortunately because they'll scream copyright violation we can't put it up at You Tube, so we won't know how many people will be visiting.

    Here, also, is the link to the other new song.

    Last time we checked we only had 101 visits.  Come on, people!  I want to see 100,000!  I want the whole world to see this video.  I want to show You Tube what we can do, how popular we are so they'll know in time we're gonna shut them down.  
    Now someone has already complained You Tube's been bought out by Google, and to punish them for what was done before they bought it is wrong.  Not as far as we're concerned!  Perhaps if Google began to support our campaign and encouraged people to vote for my servant in the primaries, did all in their power to spread our message, undoing what You Tube did in the first campaign, we might consider that appropriate restitution.  But as long as they won't do anything to make amends we consider them just as guilty.  Again, this might not be acceptable to some people nowadays, but they're gonna have to live with it because that's the way we are. We're perfectly willing to give people an opportunity to reestablish good feelings with us.  But if they accept what was done before that's their decision, and they'll have to live with it and what we do.
He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

  You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley, at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and