An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

21-05-02 AJ

    Well, Netanyahu's visit to The White House was almost as good as no visit at all!  The photographs taken show the world what he thinks of Obama.  I still wish he would come to my servant and give him the support of The People Of Israel because as I have said, he is their best hope, perhaps their only hope.  
     I have to laugh when people say Maria Shriver has just recently learned about her husband's infidelity.  That's a good joke!  She's known about it for years!  We're not exactly sure why it's become such an issue now.  Perhaps it was Arnold's decision to acknowledge the child, which I consider was appropriate.  But as I have said, this separation is a tragedy because of the power that these two individuals possess.  They are a vital part of our efforts to save humanity.  And they would be very difficult to replace.  It will weaken our chances tremendously.  I would ask them if they can't get back together to still work with each other to campaign for my candidate, and continue to work for him after the election.  Their power is vital, so is the power of their children who were supposed to work at their side for the salvation of the human race.  But enough of that!  We force no one.  
    Now, here's an unusual complaint!  Some people say it is absolutely wrong for President Bush to be making millions of dollars when he has left the country virtually bankrupt.  Well, I'll inform these individuals that it's The Democrats that have made the country virtually bankrupt and made it almost impossible to deal with the situation.  I am in hopes that President Bush will use the millions he has made to support my candidate, and to pay his salary while he's his chief of staff, and negotiating with The Arabs in Israel for the Palestinian homeland outside of Israel, to help my servant raise the funds for it.  Because I want the land purchased for this state with funds derived from my servant's efforts, from the sales of his manuscripts, his art, and other sources.  I want some of his stories made into movies.  l want the Palestinian homeland to be his gift to The Palestinian People.  I would appreciate the assistance of Islamic countries by producing his works in Arabic and the proceeds going to the homeland and, the courier/protectors.  I would also like to have them produce his music, another source of income for our work.  It is vitally important that this project be done by his efforts.  That other people may help, but it is his talent that provides the funds.  It will help insure our success.  Of course also we would appreciate it if President Bush pays his wife Laura's salary while she's Vice President, and if we're successful, later, the president to relieve the burden on the American tax payers, and, to set up a trust fund to help pay the salaries of future vice presidents.  We are seeking ways to make the burdens on the American tax payer less and less, while providing a vibrant and effective government.  
     Old Noah is back, lying as usual.  But he swears he doesn't work, that his father funds his efforts and that gives him time to attack my servant. Very well!  We'll find out who his father is, what he does, and destroy his business.  I am sure everyone that works for him will really appreciate it when they lose their jobs because he lets his animal run wild and attack the innocent.  We would not doubt that he's just as bad as his obnoxious son!  It's probably where his son got it from, and he would make no efforts to make amends.  If anybody knows who Noah's daddy is, perhaps he should give him a warning that his son is messing with a servant of God, thinks he's cute, and it's going to cost him dearly.  One of the negative things about my servant is that he has no pity or compassion whatsoever.  That's why he needs the courier/protectors.  Because this particular aspect of his personality is out of control.  He can no longer distinguish among the evil those who can be saved and those who can't be saved.  He destroys all equally, except in the 25 mile radius around where he lives.  That is the only place where he has control without courier/protectors to give him a conscience.  So I think people can understand why we need to establish this program, why it is absolutely necessary.  I will admit, my servant can store up a charge of energy, and every once and a while leave this area.  But his abilities are very limited.  We need them at their full strength if the human race is to be saved.  But the rules are very strict.  Attack my servant and we will retaliate, we will retaliate with the full extent of our power.  When a parent is letting a child run wild and attack the innocent for his perverted pleasure we'll attack that parent and everyone associated with him, take away their power to attack us.  It is a warning that all need to be given.  If they think it's cute to let their children attack those that have deep religious values, they'll pay the price, because we won't tolerate it!  
    I've been asked a rather silly question.  Why did we let what's happening with Arnold and Maria come out?  Why didn't we continue to hide it?  We have told you.  We will keep nothing secret.  If The Republicans have secrets we will expose them, just like The Democrats.  And we believe Arnold is doing the right thing, even if Maria has problems with it.  A father should acknowledge his children and have those children take part in his life, be part of his glory.  We intend to glorify Arnold a lot more, and all of his children should take part in that glorification!  My servant's people live by a code of honor far stricter than anything observed by the human race.  In their society if a child committed a crime that was punishable by death, his father, himself, would hunt him down, bring him to justice, and be his executioner, something humans would have a very hard time dealing with.  But to my servant's people honor was everything.  And, too, there was the fact that for certain crimes the parents would be executed with the child, something that would upset the family of a person choosing to be a criminal.  It's little wonder my servant's people had so little crime!  Gangs that are so prevalent in this society were unheard of among theirs.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and