An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

04-05-02 AJ

    Having my servant wake up next to Linda is sure convenient for us.  If it wasn't for our equipment problems it would be absolutely glorious.  But we really need to get this problem resolved.  This health issue, like everything else, is slowing down our efforts because we need to devote time to it that would be going to other things.  Hopefully something can be done today to get it more in control.  
    Got an obnoxious remark that went something like "If President Bush would insult Obama by not going to New York for the 9/11 ceremonies, what makes you think he will let his wife join your efforts and be your candidate's chief of staff, which I would consider an insult?"  Well, in all of his lifetimes this son of mine has been a little stubborn and a little rebellious.  But whenever he knew my children were in danger he rose to the occasion and defended them, and so did his wife.  In her most famous incarnation she became a queen of Persia and eventually saw to it that her people returned to Jerusalem.  My children are fighters, they are not quitters.  When they know the danger they will respond.  It is only a matter of time.  No matter how tired of politics they are they will not let my children die.  I believe this so vehemently that I will keep trying to contact them. I will not give up!  As I will not give up trying to contact The Schwarzeneggers, Guiliani, Caroline Kennedy, Donald Trump, just to name a few.  These are my heroes.  These are my warriors.  They are the hope of my children.  They can be stubborn, they can be headstrong, they can want their own way.  But eventually I believe they will see the truth in what we are saying and rally to our cause for many reasons.  But mainly because I have always been and will always be their Lord, and serving me is their joy.  
    There are others. People laugh when I say I want Conan O'Brien to be my servant's press secretary.  And I ask, "Why not?  Is he not in touch with the media?  Do people not respect his opinion, though he may express it in a humorous way, a talent my servant admires?  Why wouldn't he make a good press secretary and keep the people advised of what we're doing?  For each position I select the very best!  And if the people reject them it shows how far they have fallen, that they do not see the wisdom that I possess.  
    Again I am asked why do I want my demonstration on July 4th to be in San Francisco?  Why not Washington?  Well, it might be that we will have a demonstration in Washington besides for those in the area that cannot go to San Francisco.  But my desire to have the demonstration in San Francisco is simple.  It is the seat of Obama's power.  It is where the homosexual creatures of Darkness mass their power, and the foundation of Obama's power is the homosexual movement.  He is using the smokescreen of fighting for their civil rights to sodomize the nation and, the world.  That is why I wish to take my power directly against it, to challenge him on his own ground, to attack his power base and turn the people from it.  It's that simple!  My servant keeps saying the truth is so simple he wonders why it is so hard for people to see it.  He understands the temptation of the lies but he wonders why the truth is so hard for some.  It is a mystery we have never been able to understand. But this is why I want San Francisco.  I want the pro choice people, the anti gay people, the anti war people to stand with me and march with me in defiance of Obama.  I want senior citizens groups because Obama and The Democrats are sacrificing senior citizens for their power so they can destroy their children.  I want the veterans because Obama is breaking the promises that he is making to our veterans in the name of economics.  I want every group that is being hurt by Obama, Asians, people of color, Native Americans.  We must unify!  I want Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, I want the leaders of every faith marching with me saying "No!  We will not allow our children to go quietly into the night. We will not sacrifice their eternal lives for material profit."  I want the anti drug people, the thousands whose children have been destroyed by marijuana, by cocaine and heroin.  I want them to stand against those who would legalize these poisons for profit.  There are so many who should be rallying to us!  Because my servant is their candidate, my servant is the one that will fight for their causes and will not sacrifice them, or, their children to get something else.  He will not play politics.  He is the man the people should want.  It is said I am dividing the country, I am creating hatred.  I am not.  I am asking the people to say no to evil, I am not teaching hate.  I forbid the teaching of hate!  But we must justly forbid evil, no matter how popular it is, no matter how much some want it, we must say "No!"  No open homosexuality, no legal drugs!  
    Now, I'm asked again "Why are you  attacking American industry?  What do you have against American cars?"  Absolutely nothing!  American auto makers in general, produce a very fine product, as good as anybody in the world.  But we need something that will quickly effect the economy, and asking The Islamic People in The United States and others to boycott American made automobiles will quickly send the message to Washington that we want heard.  That if you do not stop trying to sodomize our children we will cripple the economy.  We will take your power away from you.  We will not buy the goods that are being manufactured by the executives that would destroy our children.  If the people start rising,, if they start supporting my candidate, the need for the boycott could pass away.  But until Washington starts listening, until the media starts listening, we need to demonstrate our power.  If all The Islamic People in The United States stop buying American made cars, if The Catholics and major Jewish communities join them, we will be heard.  They will not be able to ignore us!  They will not be able to say "We have God defeated!  The people are ours!"  We will show them that we can effect them, that we can hurt them.  And that is a message we need to send.  So those that are laughing at me will stop laughing and will understand that I am still a force to be reckoned with, that when my people say "Enough!" they have a problem.  I have nothing against American cars, I have nothing against American made refrigerators, televisions and stereos.  I am against the executives of these companies that are sodomists, and are sodomizing my children.   As my servant says, it's that simple!  So I ask every American to join the buyers' strike.  If it's made in America don't buy it!  If at all possible don't buy it at all.  And you will send a message to the butcher in The White House that we did not give him the power to murder women and children, to destroy our relationship with the rest of the world.  
    People still complain that my servant still will not speak with Obama. They say this is unacceptable, he's the President Of The United States!  And my servant will answer "He's not my President!  I didn't vote for him! I will not associate with filth."  We always speak the truth.  My servant is not a politician, he does not play politics.  An enemy is an enemy.  There is no negotiation, there is no discussion.  What he is doing is totally unacceptable.  And we will not support him!  That is our way, and it will always be our way.  If The Secret Service knocked on my servant's door today and said "The President wants you in Washington," my servant would answer "Tell him to go to hell!"  That simple!  He's not his president, he's not an American citizen.  That's it! And that's it for today.  
   Except I again ask the people to join my boycott, to join my buyer's strike, to rise against this evil.  People ask why.  I've told you why.  If we do not stop this insanity my world will pass away.  It will become a lifeless ball of mud.  We have no choice but to fight. Failure is not an option. We have to use every weapon we have.  We will expose the corruption, we will speak the truth.  We will keep trying up until the world begins to die. Then, of course, it will be useless to fight any more.  But until that moment we will fight with everything we have! And we will fight in our way, with truth, never backing down to an enemy, never giving ground.  We will succeed with honor or we will not succeed at all.  
    Oh!  Here's the link to a precious video that a friend sent us.  There are many out there that know the truth, if we could only rally them to us!

Him Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

    You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and