An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

28-04-02 AJ

    First of all this morning Princess Diana came to me and asked if she might use my servant to send an uncensored message to the people of England and that it especially be shared with our friends in Los Angeles.  I could not deny such a request.  Though the bitterness between her and the queen still disturbs us, she is justified and we cannot rebuke the truths she speaks.  So of course my servant has sent her message.  Here is the link to it.

    After that importance is Obama's birth certificate.  I am asked doesn't this prove to me that Obama was born in The United States?  No, it doesn't.  As I have said before, I trust nothing from The Democrats.  We believe this document was prepared some years after Obama's birth when it was decided he would seek public office because his family knew his birth would be challenged.  We are not sure even still, if it is a true document.  We want the actual physical birth certificate examined by experts.  As I have said, I had been told by Obama's father that he insisted his son be born in his homeland.  I believe what he is telling me. If that is true Obama cannot be an American citizen, and these documents are fakes.  I know that there are those living that know the truth, and can expose it.  They should do so.  Obama knows that if the truth of his birth comes out it will be almost impossible for him to remain in office.  So every possible fraud will be put forth.   
   Now, with that taken care of, I am asked by some to stop punishing the people in the southern United States with all this unusual severe weather.  Well, unfortunately I'm not doin' it, not directly anyway.  Under normal conditions we would be having a rather normal spring with a normal number of tornadoes and such.  But unfortunately the southern states lie right in the path where the creatures of Darkness are channeling their power from South America up against us in New England.  And this flow of dark power which they are funneling up to Washington DC is intensifying the already unstable weather.  With the added pressure of global warming it is creating this havoc.  The only way I could help is to defeat the creatures of Darkness and stop this flow of power.  So if people want it stopped they'd better help me bring my candidate forth to the public, get the cooperation of The Republicans, and get them to cut down their rhetoric on abortion.  Because it is the anti abortionists in this area that the creatures of Darkness are using to channel their power, along with the homosexuals.  There have been tremendous spiritual battles again in Maine and, China.  The creatures of Darkness in The Middle East are far too occupied to make another assault.  I strongly recommend to the communities of these states that they require every home to have a tornado proof shelter that would survive even if the entire home around it was demolished.  Of course this would never happen because the expense would be too great.  But these rooms have proved themselves in other nations prone to severe weather. It would cut down on the loss of life tremendously! Despite all the power the creatures of Darkness are rising, they cannot stand against us spiritually.  But they still keep coming at us in the hope of wearing us down.  Give it up, guys!  
    People are going to think this is silly, but my servant received a request from the vampires.  It seems they're rather upset with some of the ways they are being pictured in recent vampire movies and they are asking consent to become very unpleasant to the producers of these films.  My servant, having seen the commercials for these films, has said "Go for it!  Make their lives as miserable as you want!  I would be insulted, too."  Some people think this is not appropriate, but we believe there are limits.  The people making these films are making the vampires more creatures of Darkness than vampires!  There are limits!  
    My servant has written a lot about vampires, especially in his Ancient One stories.  I have to admit, some of the off shoots of my creation are not exactly to my liking!  But the corruption caused by the creatures of Darkness cannot be ignored.  Things exist that we wish did not exist.  But as long as they obey the rules we leave them alone.  It's only when they don't that they need to fear my servant.  And I guarantee you, they fear him!  
    Now here's one of those disgusting comments.  Somebody has said that we are fools, that Laura Bush has Alzheimer's and could not serve as vice president and then president.  In eight years she won't even know her own name!  Now, I haven't heard anything about this.  I heard the senior President Bush might have some problems.  But I really think this person has been eating too many chili peppers and his brain is just a little bit too spicy!  I still would like to talk to the lady personally while I can still use my servant's body and get her cooperation.  I think she would be a great vice president, and, a great president.  We would sure have the creatures of Darkness on the run for awhile!  You wonder how these stories get started!  Probably some Democrat doing a lot of wishful thinking.  
    I've been asked "Why is there so much more alzheimers now?" Percentage wise there isn't. The only thing is in ages passed the people that had alzheimers died of something else before it became apparent that they had a problem. Now with people living longer more of it is showing itself.  Everything has its price, a truth that my servant's People teach that is pretty close to absolute.  
    Wanted to mention on a good note, that we got a nice response from The Boston Globe, apologizing for the situation that happened with Linda.  They told her to ignore any bills and that they were deeply sorry that this incident occurred.  If we could only get such positive response on other issues it would be a far better world!

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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