An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

30-05-02 AJ

   Michael Jackson's message to his children is creating problems.  The Hindu goddess that has been reincarnated and we would like to become the Hindu courier/protector has said that she does not know if she could accept Michael's daughter as her superior if she tries to force Krishna to accept her wishes, that she should perform her duties and then let Krishna decide of his own free will rather or not he would fulfill her desires.  I have asked the ambassador of India how this young lady is doing, and if she would be interested in the position if The Hindu People can raise the funds, becoming the God The Mother of the Hindu world in a thousand years.  But we have received no reply.  There are others that are also voicing objections.  I wish this was not so.  But I will not violate their right to speak on this matter.  As I have said, I support The Imperials.  I, too, wish there was another way.  But they have a right to ask for a particular reward for their service.  It is simply our way.  
    My servant constantly complains that I am revealing things that are best kept private.  But I am pulled in many different directions at once. Many who will not serve us in their material form are pleading with me in their spiritual form to make things known in the hope that they can reach their people and undo the damage that the extra-terrestrial interference has done.  So I am going to make quite a few little things known today.  Some people were very upset when I said that 50% of the people now living on Earth are extra-terrestrials that have taken human form.  They believe this is undue interference with the human race.  Well, actually with their human allies, these people make up 2/3rds of the world's population!  And as those human allies totally support them, I cannot interfere with their efforts as the survival of my children depends on their success.  Not only are these people on Earth in such numbers, but they are concentrated in certain areas.  And many at this time, are associates of my servant, who took human form in order to help with The Awakening but are now in positions to save my children.  Let me mention just a few.
    The current ruler of The United Arab Emerites is a Haven.  Not only is he a Haven and most of his family Havens, he is the reincarnation of my servant's father who was murdered and caused my servant to overthrow The Holy Godden Empire!  His wife is my servant's mother from that time.  Many members of his family were Haven rebels that joined The Spiritist Republic and have sworn absolute loyalty to my servant.  Their despair when they find they have failed my servant will be beyond anything that anyone can imagine, and may well destroy them.  
    I believe we have mentioned that the son of the current ruler of North Korea who is being prepped to be its ruler is my servant's son from that same lifetime who was murdered by racists because he was a half blood and has turned my servant forever against any that believe they are superior because of the color of their skin or some other physical trait.  Again this one's sorrow will be great if he does not join in the effort to save mankind.  
    The King Of Saudi Arabia and his family are the reincarnations of Hashons.  The King, himself, is the reincarnation of my servant's father-in-law in the lifetime when he overthrew The Empire and joined The Republic.  His Hashon wife from that time was supposed to have been the courier/protector from Saudi Arabia, even though she is a member of the bin Laden family.  I cannot tell you how bitter her sorrow will be that she has failed the one she loves.  There is still a possibility that she could serve the courier/protector program and remedy this situation.  All of these things are in the History of my servant's people, which I have asked The King Of Saudi Arabia to have published in Arabic.                     
    The King Of Jordan is the reincarnation of a Peepian, and so is his wife.  He was the father-in-law of my servant's third wife when he overthrew The Empire and through parental ascension became the ruler of the Peepians.  He too, will be in great despair if he does not find a way to get his daughter from that lifetime to my servant so she can fulfill her glory and be with him in this lifetime as she was in the past.  She's now living in Australia and has an opportunity to be the Islamic courier/protector.  
    My servant's people are everywhere!  And those who stood with him against tyranny before are supposed to stand with him now.  But many have become confused and have been led astray.  But the opportunity still exists.  I am in need of reporters in every state and every country to come forth and spread my messages to the world.  For their services I am offering them a hundredth of a world.  I can't guarantee right now which worlds, and who they will serve, but still to be the spiritual Lord of that much of a world is a great reward, some would say a burden but others argue that.  I need five t.v. stations and five radio stations in each state.  Those who will serve will get the reward I offer,, and will be able to share it with those around them.  I will no longer offer it to the owners of these stations but to those who actually speak for me.  It will be up to them to decide how much they will share with their supervisors and coworkers.  But a hundredth of a world will be a lot to share!  
    Everybody is going to be wondering am I a Hashon, am I a Haven? Am I a Peepian?  What was my people's world like?  How did they live?  It's all in my servant's People's History.  I ask everyone to start writing to their favorite publisher and asking them "Please contact Speaker Gerald Polley and arrange to publish "Light, The Divine History Of Spiritism: From Hades To Earth" and make it available so I can learn about my people, so I can learn about their ways."  This will help save the world.  I want my servant's People's History spread throughout the world so as he runs for president people will know who they're voting for, and the kind of things he's done before.  The profits from the sales of this Book will help fund my servant's campaign, the courier/protectors, and, the Palestinian Homeland outside of Israel.  So finding a publisher for this great Work that is already available to those in the stars, will be extremely beneficial to the people of Earth.  I still want The King Of Saudi Arabia to publish it in Arabic, the future leader of North Korea to publish it in Korean, The Emperor Of Japan to publish it in Japanese to pay for the courier/protectors from those places.  Of course I want The President Of China to publish it in Chinese.  
    We can succeed!  We have the power!  All the people are in place to help us succeed.  We simply have to awaken them and have them take their place.  It's not impossible, it's very, very easy.  We just need people to start talking, and, people to start wondering.  
    Here's a link to the parts of my servant's People's History that are available now on line.

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and