An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

02-05-02 AJ

We are having a very serious problem in my Kingdom with the rage of those that dwell There against their people in the material world.  We are struggling each day to keep them from abandoning their children.  Again the Leaders of The Islamic Paradise have come to me and asked that I send the ship home that is supposed to bring Muhammed back.  Sadly my servant agrees.  The murder of Gadhafi's son and his grandchildren by Obama has shown that The Islamic Nations will not stand for their own.  That anyone accepts a lie that this is a humanitarian effort when the coalition is targeting women and children for execution shows their utter hypocracy.  Obama is a war criminal.  He is ordering the execution of the families of the sovereign leader of another nation.  He should be impeached.  
    Sadly, though the commander of the ship pleads for more time to get The Islamic People to respond my servant has run out of patience and has told him to depart.  The next rotation of ships in the blockade protecting Earth is in ten days.  At that time the ship is to leave.  It is to carry the message to Muhammed that it is senseless for him to return.  There are no longer any Islamic Nations.  Those people that once followed him now follow Obama, are now his slaves.  There is no one left for him to rule any more.  The Islamic Leaders fear that the missiles from the next drone will land on their house, and they cower before the tyrants in Europe and America.  They will not rally to my servant.  They will not accept the truth.  They prefer those that murder women and children.  We can simply do no more.  But we will continue to speak out, though my servant will still campaign for the Presidency and try to win the people back, we fear The Middle East is lost to us, Islam is gone.  Its people will not answer me.  They prefer their hate and they are turning Those in The Afterlife against them.  
    Ironically their spiritual warriors still support us and still give us victory!  But their leaders in the material world ignore their triumphs and become the slaves of the Americans, the British and, the French.  Though they have the power to stand up and say no, they will not use it.  They were our best hope.  But now there is little hope.  If we could've brought back Muhammed we could've done wonders.  We could've shook the world, and The People Of Islam would've been glorified forever.  But now that has passed.  They have chosen to be like The Christians and forsake their Prophet, forsake their teachings for material wealth.  
    I have welcomed Gadhafi's son to my Kingdom, and I have given him temporary rule of The Islamic Paradise until such time as his father joins him.  Then I will give his father full and complete authority for as long as Islam exists.  It will be by his word rather or not anyone enters Paradise. As Muhammed was, he will be the judge over all of Islam.  Because Islam betrayed him, because Islam failed him, I give him domination over it, as Muhammed will not return.  I ask The Islamic People of the world to make everyone aware of this.  Some will say I have no right to do this.  I am The Lord Of Hosts, The Creator Of This World, its Father and its Protector.  I have the right to do what I will.  Any who question that right will not enter my Kingdom, no matter how blessed they think they are.  I am The Ruler Of Earth.  I give the earthly leaders dominion when they follow my rules.  When they do not I take that dominion away.  That is my right.  That is my glory.  My servant's people recognize that right.  They will not challenge it.  What I tell my servant to say he will say.  What those who rightly serve me ask him to say, he will say, rather it is popular or unpopular.  I am his master.  I am not his Lord.  But I am his master by the greatest of all bonds, by deep and abiding friendship, by deep and abiding trust between each other, between the one who is served and the one who serves.  That is why we have stood together for so long and will stand together forever.  For even if my world dies, my servant will see to it that I am taken to another one, and that I will have a people there that will not betray me, as Jesus and Muhammed will have a people.  
    Within twelve months Muhammed and his wife will have physical forms.  They will be dwelling among their people as living gods, as Jesus and Mary Magdalene are now living among their people.  The bond will be made eternal, and they will never be able to return.  This is the price that those who have cooperated with Obama and betrayed their people have paid.  They have given their Prophet to another people who will be loyal to him forever.  Now there is no turning back.  There is no possibility that The Islamic People would rise up before the ship leaves and stop the attacks in Libya.  They do not have the courage to stand against France and The United States.  They have chosen to abandon their Prophet, and that is the end of it.  
    It is very disappointing that my servant cannot get his computer going in these terrible times.  He downloaded the McAfee components from six in the morning to eleven yesterday.  The anti virus got up to 21% and then dropped back to zero.  Though he was still online it is obvious that the McAfee simply is useless, that it will not load on dial up.  This is a bitter disappointment!  We can do very little work without that computer.  Those who are destroying the world have millions.  They have computer systems that can do just about anything.  But those who are trying to save it have nothing.  It shows the sadness of the situation.  
    But we are fighters, and we will keep trying.  My truth will continue to be spoken, though The Democrats and many Republicans hate it.  Those who follow me will continue to cry out my warnings.  Some day The Islamic Nations will cry "Why didn't we listen?"  and we will answer "We don't know!"

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant, Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and