An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

26-05-02 AJ

    Sometimes things that you have been involved in never seem to end!  Many years ago a race called The Ashtarians tried to invade Earth and were driven off by The Galactic Community.  It's all in my servant's magazine.  Unfortunately, the agents they put on Earth to destabilize Earth's societies in preparation for the invasion are still here, and still functioning, still believing that their people are coming.  It's believed that Bin Laden was one of them, and that Obama may be one of them.  We have been trying for years to get countries to play this message on their radio and t.v. stations, which should deactivate many of those agents.  


Esh ter Egret stobol ka solar! Nishta, stobol ka solar! Obash nostarie needle sah oobah nee terra foul mush. Omana shied, shied. Ide, shied omana. Osta Egret fella, fella shied. Guest no sid for tabas omista. Oman Egret. Shy da ma. Shy da ma. ...21..20---6--7...26..8--

    Our beloved Sarah, Speaker Linda Polley, has rerecorded the message trying to increase the clarity.

    Day before yesterday the Ashtarian officers stationed with The Galactic Community ships blockading the Earth suddenly began to receive two ready signals, actually three, two from China, and one from The United Arab Emerites.  These signals meant that the teams were in position and ready for the signal to begin operations.  Landers were quickly sent in the hopes of finding those sending the transmissions and withdrawing them.  But they found only automated devices built with Earth materials in desolate areas.  
    As we have promised not to hide anything we have to make this information available to the governments of those nations involved, and strongly suggest to them that they play this message on their radio and t.v. stations simultaneously at 11 p.m., 12, and 1 a.m. for three days.  It is the pattern of the message that the agents will be expecting and would make the message more recognizable.  We have enough troubles as it is without people from another world trying to stir up things we're trying to stop.  I know it sounds unbelievable, but the danger is still there.  Many of our people have been confused by the false Ashtarian message and led astray.  We have actually had casualties that have cost our efforts dearly.  As I say, it will be very wise of the nations mentioned if they broadcast this message.  It could save them a lot of grief.  Of course some of these Ashtarians are suicidal.  They want to punish the human race for the destruction of their society by destroying it.  But we believe there are many of them that we can reach and get them to withdraw.  It would be just one less headache, one less nuisance not having these people around that are trying to undo what we're trying to do for a lost cause, for a senseless cause.  
    Boy, are we disappointed!  You just can't trust the media any more.  The other day my servant read two news reports that said because of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland Obama was abandoning his trip to Europe and returning to The United States.  Well, it's obvious somebody got their information wrong.  Because he's definitely still in Europe hob nobbing with The Queen Of England, and praising Britain's efforts in Libya, his illegal little war where he has already murdered Gadhafi's grandchildren violating U.S. and international law.  Sometimes you're just disappointed!  These things happen.  Even the best of news organizations make mistakes once and a while.  But sometimes it can be a real disappointment.  
   I'm asked to comment on Jane Corwin's loss in the special election in New York.  What's there to say?  I think it's a good warning to The Republicans.  Even though they have made tremendous ground they could still lose in 2,012 if they try to solve the country's financial problems by abandoning the old and the helpless.  Not only are senior citizens a major voting block, they have sons and daughters and grandchildren, many of whom do not want them slaves of a government program that won't really fulfill their needs.  We definitely have to cut spending.  But we cannot neglect those who have worked for years for what little they have and then have it totally wiped out by catastrophic illness.  This whole situation is so foreign to my servant!  As bad as The Holy Godden Empire was, it provided full medical care for all of its citizens, high born and commoner alike.  They got the exact same medical treatment, the well to do paid more but they could afford to.  This idea of profit making medical care is just totally inconceivable by all my adopted children!  
    To win this election The Republicans need to do two things, make sure senior citizens understand they will not be abandoned when Obama Care is dumped, and cut back on the anti abortion rhetoric.  These two issues will keep Obama in office and may give control of the government back to The Democrats if The Republicans don't wise up!  Women in America want their rights, and over 50% of them believe it is their right to have an abortion if they want it, and no religious group, no matter how powerful they are, should be controlling senators and representatives and try to take away their rights.  There is no way we can win the election by alienating these women!  There is not a hope of it!  It is political suicide!  And The Republican Party has to accept it.  My candidate is the best hope they have.  But even he will not be able to win if they continue this oppressive behavior.   There's just no hope of it!  This issue will keep Obama in power, so it has to be set aside, and the rights of my daughters have to be respected.  Some must not be tortured to placate the misguided beliefs of a few fanatics.  This is how The Catholics have stayed in power for ages, and it must stop.  I will speak plainly, I will not lie to you.  None who push the anti abortion issue enter my Kingdom because they are speaking blasphemy!  As we say, it's that simple!  
    We would like to make use of Jane Corwin.  We would like her to help organize our efforts in New York, perhaps be the chair person of my servant's election committee in that state.  I offer her the same reward I offer others who will join our efforts and lead the people.  In 1,000 years power and glory equal to my own and a world to rule over in the stars as I rule over the Earth.  But she will have to understand those who work with us do not torture my daughters, do not call them murderers because they have a simple medical procedure that does no harm, that destroys nothing that is alive.  I offer a lot!  But I demand some things in return.  
   Oh, one further thing.  The tests yesterday showed my servant has calcium build up in the prostate.  I don't know how serious this is, but I didn't mention it.  I've asked my friends in Los Angeles what hospital around Hollywood has the best prostate surgeons.  I'm still looking for someone to be my host here in Maine so my servant can move to California for the campaign season and draw on the power that we have in Los Angeles.  It would give us a far better chance!

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

   You can contact my servant Speaker Gerald Polley at P.O. Box 392, Ellsworth, ME 04605, (207) 812-1621 and