An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

17-05-02 AJ

    The ignorance of man is so great that sometimes the things we have to talk about are profoundly sad.  We've been asked "What does Sonny Bono think about his daughter Chastity having surgery and becoming male?"  Mr. Bono's statements are very clear.  He says, and I quote, "Last year the child I fathered with Cher died.  She ceased to exist forever.  I do not acknowledge her any more.  The abomination that now dwells in her flesh is a creature of Darkness that has forsaken God and chosen eternal death.  It is a creature of Darkness that has given up all portent of being human.  I will never acknowledge it.  I will never accept it.  Those who call it 'him' are deranged.  My child was born female.  My child was female.  What now exists is not my child.  I will stand in Judgment against the doctors who perform this atrocity and I will see to it that they are cast out of Heaven and destroyed forever.  They have promoted my daughter's insanity and had her commit suicide.  I will never forgive them!  I will never forgive those who encouraged her.  And I will speak in The Hall Of Judgment against them.  What God creates is forever!  Man cannot disturb God's perfection.  When man does they are damned."  This is the end of Mr. Bono's comments.  I stand with him totally!   When he makes these pronouncements in The Hall Of Judgment they will be damning!  And those he speaks against will be cast out!  There is no middle ground, there is no compromise.  Those who butcher my sons and daughters and make them into abominations will be destroyed forever.  No one will take them in, no one!
    We want to thank Donald Trump for helping us out.  Though he has announced he won't be running for president, we don't think he intended to anyway, we'd still like to have him be my servant's secretary of the treasury when he's president.
      A man named Harold Camping is predicting that Jesus will return May 21st.  Unfortunately every generation we have someone making this prediction.  Sadly it's not going to happen because of the perverted lust of homosexual priests Jesus is gone forever.  His power still remains and if we can find a High Steward we can restore salvation.  But Jesus is gone.  The human race stated clearly and distinctly "We won't have you!  You won't give us what we want, and we'd rather go to hell to have it.  To us eternal death after having our joy is preferable to obeying You."  So Jesus has said "No more!"  I'm afraid Mr. Camping and his followers are going to be sorely disappointed.  Maybe after  the 21st he should join my servant's campaign, support someone who knows what he's talking about and not following false prophecies made up by deranged priests.  
   Now, we've been asked how many emails we receive. Unfortunately, far too few.  We're lucky if we get three or four a week and many of those do not want us to acknowledge them.  We get a lot of our questions from postings and from those in my Kingdom who want me to clarify some things for the sake of their families.  We wish we were getting more positive emails.  But we do appreciate those we do get because they let us know there are people out there listening.  Of course we have other ways of  knowing, too.  
   Again we have the comment from an obnoxious emailer that my servant cannot be president because he is not well read.  What utter ignorance!  I wish half of the world was as well read as my servant and understands what they're reading!  A lot of people can be well read and have no understanding, whatsoever!  The ignorant attack us in the most stupid ways!  They cannot attack our philosophies, so they try to discredit us.  They're real losers!
   Of course everybody wants to know my opinion on Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement that he fathered a child with a household servant.  Does this make any difference in our desires that he be my servant's secretary of defense?  None, whatsoever!  My servant highly respects Mr. Schwarzenegger, that he's coming forward and acknowledges the child.  Though most people don't like it I have no objections to a man having more than one female companion.  Almost all of my great servants had more than one wife.  And it was actually necessary for the levels of power that they used.  This relationship was in payment of a debt that has been owed for many ages, a promise that Arnold made to this woman in another lifetime that he did not fulfill and which she asked me to have him fulfill in this lifetime.  So I cannot punish someone for doing what I desired them to do.  I know today's culture stirs jealousy and anger between my daughters that share the affection of the same man.  But I believe Maria understands this debt and knows it needed to be paid.  I still ask her to serve and if I ask her to serve I must ask her consort to serve.  She cannot take the world that would be hers, receive power and glory equal to my own, if they are not together.  It is their unity that empowers her.  If she forsakes it she will have no power, or not enough to do what is necessary.  Her love should not be so small.  She should not make it insignificant.  She should welcome her sister and understand that she must be responsible also, for paying the debt that her husband owes.  Sometimes there are situations that we cannot stop, that we have no right to stop, that people may disapprove of.  But as long as there's no threat or force in a relationship between a man and a woman we cannot interfere.  Or, if a man fails to keep his promises to a woman.  This is a very complicated issue!  And this situation has many twists and turns.  But my servant believes that Maria and her husband should be reunited, that there should be understanding.  This may be hard for others but it's the way we are.  And as we have promised we will always give people the truth.  We will not hide anything.  It's simply not our way.  
    Here's a couple of cute things from way back when.  We've been  asked about my servant's precious pets that they had so long and gave them so much joy.  Here are links to articles about them.

     It's brought up the question of when we have the courier/protectors will they be allowed to have pets? As long as they are non allergenic and not cats of course.  My servant comes from a society that did not believe in pets, that even punished people for having them.  So he adores them!  It drives him crazy that he can't have cats.  But sometimes physical limitations have to be observed.   He believes children caring for pets and receiving the love that they give is a very important part of their childhood.  And I cannot disagree!  
    I have to mention that there was a tremendous spiritual battle yesterday in Lebanon.  The creatures of Darkness threw everything they had at us there!  Again they received a severe pounding.  They simply cannot stand against us spiritually!  Whenever they mass we sweep them from the field.  They have influence only through their earthly servants who they are killing off to get the power to fight us.  Sooner or later many of their earthly servants are going to say "Enough!  We're not being given what we were promised," and they're going to come over to us.  If people want to call this prophecy they can.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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