An Open Letter From God The Father
To The World

16-05-02 AJ

Now, first thing this morning we've got to boast a little bit!  I have to praise my people!  We warned The French we would be after their corrupt politicians.  Not only have we taken one out of the running for their presidency, but we've just about crippled The IMF.  Are we good or are we good?  And there's nothing we like better than exposing a piece of trash that thinks he's so powerful he can do whatever he wants to my daughters and they're not going to be able to complain.  This is a warning to all politicians everywhere.  Give us an opening and we will bring you down!  No matter how powerful you are, respect my daughters, they're not your sexual playthings to do whatever you want to with.  If we get the chance we will crush you!  
    We wish our predictions weren't coming true in The Middle East, but unfortunately what Syria is doing on Israel's borders shows that our predictions were totally accurate.  Fortunately, some people were smart enough to listen to our warnings and were prepared.  This situation is explosive!  And we blame one person for it, Barack Obama who is trying to use Syria to destroy Israel so he can  give it to The Palestinians.  We will warn the world you'd better stop him because we're not going to allow it!  If the people of Israel are destroyed the human race will be destroyed.  There is no middle ground.  There is no alternative.  Those who oppose Israel are committing suicide, no matter how powerful they think they are.  
    Noah is back with his constant blustering.  This poor fool actually thinks we're afraid of him!  But he was harping on one thing that we need to speak about, my servant's inability to write.  He thinks this makes him unacceptable as a president.  DUH little man!  That's why presidents have secretaries so they can dictate letters to them and use their precious time for other things.  When my servant becomes president he'll have plenty of helpers.  This is purely a non issue!  Kennedy dictated to his secretary, so did Nixon and Johnson.  This poor soul has no serious issues that he can attack us on because he knows we're right in virtually every issue.  So he's harping on meaningless things trying to make himself feel important.  I'm sure his employers whoever they are, must really appreciate him wasting so much time in these useless and meaningless attacks on his betters.  Because my servant will always be his better.  People would be appalled how many major executives in The United States have trouble with reading and writing, but they're still making millions of dollars.  Because this small handicap is overshadowed by their talents in other ways.  So why don't you get a life, little man, and stop showing how stupid you are?  You have a lot of education but you lack the ability to functionally use it, which is a sad loss to the world.  Go find something else to do!  Stop attacking those who have far more talent than you do and can effectively use it. Stop being jealous.  
    I am asked to give some suggestion to the people that are having so much trouble in these flood zones.  The solution is simple.  Build their homes on pillars 50 feet off the ground so when there's floods the water just goes under them and when it's gone they come back.  A little common sense saves millions of dollars.  The space could be used for entertaining, parking their vehicles and other things, and their homes would be safe from flooding.  The solutions are so simple, but for this reason and that people don't want to take them.  We have difficulty understanding why.  With modern technology these systems would be easy.  But of course people don't want easy solutions.  They want something complex and expensive, build dikes that cost millions of dollars and have a tendency to fail.  Spend this money in practical ways and get long term solutions for the problems.   
    Still getting complaints that we have no right to punish people if they won't receive our messages.  Well, that's something people are just going to have to live with, because it is our policy and it will not change.
    Again, I'd like to mention my servant's idea of getting the American government out of organized sports, doing away with all sports czars or whatever they're called and letting the market and the sports organizations themselves regulate things.  We only got one response when we asked about this before and it was rather ignorant.  We'd really like to know from some professional athletes what they think of the idea.  And we do not have the resources to contact them.  So we'd really appreciate it if the sports reporters in major cities would contact members of their baseball, football, and basketball teams and ask them what they would think of the proposal of banning all drafts and let players play where they want to play, negotiating their own salaries, and not being forced by some corrupt politician, to play with a team they don't want.  How many millions of dollars would we save in the American budget each year ending these programs that simply should not exist anyway, taking the power away from the politicians and returning it to the players?  I'd really like to know if the players would back this.  It is one of the issues that those that belong to sports really want my candidate to push.  Though they made millions of dollars they were slaves, they couldn't play where they wanted to play. They were controlled by the bureaucracy and the owners and they want it stopped.  For some this may sound foolish. When a person is making so much he shouldn't care where he plays.  But for some it is an issue of free choice which we support.  Come on, sportscasters!  Give The Lord Of Hosts some help!  Talk to people about this.  
    As we promise to speak the truth here's another little item.  When my candidate is president he will insist that any funds being given to local schools by the federal government be given to them on the condition that none of them are to go to sports programs.  It is the government's responsibility to teach students reading, writing, arithmetic, science and social studies.  The government should not be paying for sports programs, or any other extra curricular activities.  Tax payers' money should go for the essentials.  If communities want sports programs it is the responsibility of the student's parents to fund such programs not the federal, state, or local governments.  No tax dollars from any source should go to sports programs.  And no sports couch in a school should make any more than what a standard teaching is making.  Any school that pays a coach more should be held in violation.  We know this is a very unpopular view.  But in these economically troubled times those parents who want their children involved in sports should not expect others to pay for it.  It's just fairness.  And though my servant is against the public funding of private schools, he believes citizens that have their children attending private schools should not be charged for education in their tax bill.  Whatever portion of their taxes goes to schools should be deducted from their tax bill.  If they are not using a service they should not have to pay for it!  It is simply a matter of injustice.
    People have been complaining that my servants daily email is not being included on our web site.  Sometimes there's little tidbits in them that I don't mention.  So Linda has prepared separate pages so people can review this information. Here's the link to them.

    We are asked how is my servant going to function without me after July 4th?  He'll still be getting messages from me but I won't be transmitting my power directly through him, which we have to admit will be a loss.  We are hoping to find replacements, but nobody seems to want the job.  We will keep trying! But we have to lighten the load.  My servant has functioned very well without me before, he will again.  No one better believe that he won't be just as dangerous as he ever was!  Those who have been making that mistake lately no longer exist.  

He Who Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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