By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley



Many people have asked me to write down some of my ordinary life experiences to share them with others. There are so many I simply do not know where to begin! In my many years of restaurant work I have seen some hilarious, weird, and disgusting situations. I think I will begin with one of the lighter ones, which the upcoming Super Bowl has reminded me of.
I once worked with an excellent Head Chef, who I will call Charles. Charles was one of the finest cooks I've ever worked with. His sauces were mouth watering, and I'm not usually a fan of sauces, but his were excellent! However, Charles had one problem. Aside from work, he was a sports fanatic. He lived and breathed baseball, football, and, hockey!
The afternoon of one Super Bowl him and the other cooks brought in a big television, sat it up in the middle of the kitchen and brought in an extension of the antenna from the bar. As the game began they lost all track of what they were supposed to be doing. The waitresses were screaming for their orders but hardly getting any at all, and what they were getting were terribly done!
Suddenly the boss came flying through the door. "What in the hell is going on here?" he cried. 'One of my best friends called me and said he'd been waiting a half hour to be served. What's this television doing in here?"
"It's the Super Bowl," Charles explained.
"We're watching the game. I'm sure the customers will understand if service is a little slow today."
"No, they won't! II the boss answered, "Be�cause service isn't GOING to be slow today." He reached down and unplugged the television. "Everybody get back to your stations!" he ordered. "Get back to work!"
All the other cooks hurried off, but Charles got very angry. "You can't do that!" he screamed, "It's the Super Bowl. It's a special ocasion. We'll get back to work, but at least keep the game on so we can hear it."
"No!" the boss answered, "you're here to work, not to watch a football game. Now get to work!"
"I won't stand for this!" Charles answered, "I'm going home and watch the rest of the game. I'll be back tomorrow. If you won't be fair I've got a right to some time off."
Whereupon he walked out. The boss, a pretty good cook himself, took over.
The next day the boss was setting up the kitchen when Charles walked in.
"What are you doing here?" the boss asked. "Going to work," Charles answered.
"No you're not," the boss told him. "You quit yesterday. You walked out on me. you're all done!"
"I didn't quit," Charles argued. "I only went home to watch the rest of the game. I had a right to some time off."
"When you're scheduled for it, yes," the boss answered, "but not in the middle of a rush when you feel like taking it. You take your time off when it's scheduled, no time else. Go on, get out, you're all done."
Charles hemmed and hawed a little while longer, but finally left. He filed for unemployment thinking held get it saying he'd been unjustly fired, but the unemployment service disagreed with him and said he'd quit without cause. I will never understand such fanaticism for a sporting event. I know there's a lot of people out there LIKE Charles, but I can just never, never relate to them. To me always when I'm on the job, work comes first, and it always will.


Channeled Through; Speaker Gerald A. Polley


I, Jesus Of Nazareth called The Christ, do, on this 11 day of February, 1997, in agreement with Abraham and Moses, send this order to those people that worship God in that part of the world that is known as The United States.
All that follow the Teachings Of God are to leave those places that are called California and, The Hawaiian Islands. They are to leave them as soon as possible, because of the iniquity and blasphemy that is being committed by the leaders of those places by permitting the marriage of man to man and woman to woman. The only exception to this order are those in military service who will not be required to leave until their current period of service is concluded. Then they shall not reenlist and leave these places, forthwith.
Two months from the publication of this Order, any persons that claim allegiance to God and die in these places will NOT be permitted entry into God's Kingdom, no matter what prayers they say or ceremonies they have conducted.
Any that hear of this order and do not pass it on to others will not be allowed entry into God's Kingdom. Any that try to inhibit the spread of this message will be denied entry.
After the period of grace that has been grant ed has passed, no excuses will be accepted, no pardons granted. Those who are of God will not stay in the places of iniquity or visit them for the purpose of pleasure. If they do they are not of God.
As it has been decreed, so will it be!


* * *


We publish the preceding transmission under protest. We do not believe that a people should run from such an evil, or, that they should be punished for not doing so. We believe that they should stay and fight. But The Nazarene's followers in The Spirit Realm threaten to-with�draw from The Grand Alliance if we do not obey His wishes, and we simply, at this time, cannot survive and carryon our Work without the Power they transmit to us. We are trying to ar�range for those fighting this evil to remain to oppose it. We do not believe The Nazarene's plan will work of forcing these states to abandon their support of homosexual marriage by having His people leave, and disrupting their economy. I simply do not believe enough of His people would obey His wishes.


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