By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Continuing the stories of my life I am extremely safety conscious. But this was not always the case.  When I first started work I didn't always pay attention to what was going on around me.
I worked with a French cook named Pierre.  One day he was talking to somebody and holding a butcher knife.  Without thinking I tried to squeeze by them.  As I did so, I felt something funny and looked down.  Several inches of the butcher knife had been jabbed into my side!
Pierre looked down and began to scream in French, and pulled his knife out.  Then he grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding and rushed me to a doctor's office nearby.
Fortunately the knife had slipped between anything important, and all I required were some stitches and penicillin to ward off infection.
I was not upset at all.  I knew it was one of those silly accidents that sometimes happen.  Pierre considered me one of the most forgiving people in the world and for the rest of that season I ate like a king because he would make "mistakes" almost every lunch time, and they would end up my meal.  Everyone knew the mistakes were deliberate. But nobody said anything.
I quickly learned to stay well away from anybody that was holding a knife, or, using a knife, and if I had to pass them, to let them know I was there.
I sometimes learn the hard way, but I remember the lessons!

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