By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Over the years I've worked with some funny people but the funniest one was a German Chef. I'll call him Hans.  Hans was a fair cook, but when it came to desserts he was an artist!  He could make the most beautiful cakes and super sculptures that you ever saw!  They were so beautiful people hated to cut into them.
One day Hans made a beautiful wedding cake.  He picked it up and went to take it out into the banquet hall, but instead of going out the OUT door, he headed for the IN door.  At that moment the woman in charge of the wedding party came in the door.  It was like something out of a Laurel and Hardy movie!  Hans tried to catch himself, but he couldn't, the cake came forward.  The top of it hit the woman square in the face, and the rest of it went right down her gown!
Fortunately she was one of the most good-natured people I had ever seen!  She changed gowns.  Everybody else was in blue and she was in pink.  And Hans quickly prepared another cake putting together several I had bought from a grocery store down the street, as there was no time to bake another one.  And the wedding party was more than satisfied.  But as soon as the banquet was over the manager came out, and for fifteen minutes, very loudly explained to Hans what the IN and the OUT doors were for.  You went OUT one, you came IN the other!
I think Hans got the message because after that he made a considerable effort to use the proper doors, and no such incidents occurred again, much to everyone's happiness!

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