By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Some of the things that happened at work seemed pretty serious at the time, but when it was all over seemed downright comicle, too! The strawberries are a good example!
We got a number ten can, and were going through the thawing process when we noticed it was starting to smell...an ominous sign that the strawberries had been improperly processed and fermented in the can.
We knew better than even open them, so I put them in the trash can and began thawing another. An hour or so went by. I was working along when there was a sudden KABOOM! All of a sudden I was covered with fermented strawberries, and strawberries were everywhere! The can had literally blown apart! A young waitress thought the strawberries were blood and immediately went into hysterics! A major clean up project began, which resulted in me having to clean the entire ceiling because when I cleaned the contaminated strawberry piles it showed how dirty the rest of the ceiling was. After that whenever we had a swelled can, it went right down to the dumpster.
It was DAYS before I could get the stench of the strawberries off me. It was almost as bad as skunk oil, and for several weeks afterwards until he left, one of the cooks would refer to me as Strawberry!
At the time it seemed like a disastrous situation, but now I can look back at it with kind of a chuckle. I must have been quite a sight standing there covered from head to foot with strawberries! I kind of wish I had a picture of it! it would be an amusing thing to show others!

By the time this issue of the magazine reaches you, Princess Di will have been crowned Queen. It is still hard to believe how beloved this woman has become in the Spirit Realm in such a short time.
The pomp and ceremony of this occasion will be indescribable. The American contingent alone, will be in the thousands!
Princess Di's death was a sad occassion. Though she has left this world, she is taking her special something on to others who are more than appreciative to receive it.
The coronation in The Spirit World does not end with "Long Live The Queen!" It ends "Long May She Reign!" To that we can only answer "So must it be!"

Remember, the Earth is at war and we are losing. The terrorists attacks in Africa will not be the last. There are powers determined to plunge the world into chaos to destroy us. Tell everyone you know the aliens aren't coming and refer them to our material.


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