Got to tell you what happened to me August 26, 1998. I'm still trying to recover from it. Woke up with a hemorraging mole. Got caught up on things and went up to the clinic at the Catholic hospital around the corner trying to get somebody to take a look at it.
They finally agreed that they would, and I tried to get an appointment. I told the woman behind the desk that I didn't have any insurance and would be paying for it myself.
She started to rant and rave that I had to get Medicare. I told her repeatedly that I didn't want Medicare. She continued to rave that we have to get it. I kept telling her that I didn't want it and just to tell me when somebody could see me. She just kept raving that I would have to get Medicare. Finally my patience ran out. I told her to forget it. I wasn't going to spend all day arguing and walked off with everybody behind me going "What's the matter? What's the matter?"
I left the hospital but was so irritated I went back and asked the woman at the reception desk where the manager's office was, as I wanted to talk to somebody, that I'd had a problem with the woman upstairs. The woman said "Wait a minute, I'll get somebody for you." The next thing I know she's on the phone saying 'Security, get somebody down to the front desk. We've got a crazy man down here causing trouble." Then I walked out because at that moment if a security man had started messing with me I'd have probably killed him. What happened to the days that when people with a medical need walked into the hospital, the people working there said "Just a minute, we'll get somebody right here to help you," and after the person was seen to, worried about how they were going to pay?
I think it has become a sad, sad world, when people are called troublemakers just because they want to register a complaint. It's a sad, sad world, indeed.

Gerald Polley
Portland, Maine


Finally, after two weeks and frequent phone calls to the hospital, we got a call from the administrator of the clinic, apologizing for what had happened.  She seemed to be at a loss as to why it occurred.  When we had made it clear we would be paying for the services ourselves, she explained, there should have been no problem.  She could not understand why there had been.  She assured us that this difficulty would not happen to others again.  We certainly hope this is so!

October 8th we were on Howard Stern. Mr. Stern wasn't all that bad. He made his feelings known that he disagreed with some of what I was saying, which is his right. Things were pretty good until he took some phone calls. The people calling in went way beyond the point of reasonability. There were insults and threats. And after the show you would not believe some of the e-mails we got!
It absolutely fascinates me how people, in their ignorance can indebt themselves to others.
Everyone has a perfect right to express their opinion, to disagree with what someone is saying. But no one has a right to threaten or insult someone because they are saying something that does not agree with their philosophy.
Of course there are some exceptions. If someone is making unwarranted personal advances towards you, you have every right to rebuke them. If someone is threatening you or your family personally, you have every right to be angry. But if you believe the world is flat and somebody else says it's round, you have no right to threaten or insult that individual, because they hold a different opinion than you do. The Lords of The Spirit Realm will not permit such.
Each time a person threatens or insults another person unjustly, they become indebted to that person. The Lords Of The Spirit Realm will not permit them into Their Kingdoms until they acknowledge these debts and agree to work to atone for them.
Once an individual makes this acknowledgement The Great Lords will do all in Their Power to help them cancel the debts they have made with others. But the best thing to do is not to become indebted to others in the first place.
If you disagree with someone, let them know you disagree, but do not hate them. If they have a bad , destructive philosophy, work to correct it. Do not become like that you are seeking to correct. Do not become indebted to others.

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