This story contains violence which may not be appropriate for young readers.


By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

My bad temper in my youth was not restricted to work. There were several incidents where certain individuals found I was not very oblidging when aroused.
I had been going out for some time with a girl named Penny Penny who barely stood 5 ft. and was just the prettiest little thing you ever saw. We broke up and she started going out with Greg, an acquaintance of mine. I told her this was a very bad idea, but of course, my advice was unheeded.
One morning I was getting ready for work when the phone rang. It was Penny's mother. "Gerald," she asked, "did you go out with Penny last night? I don't think you would have done this, but she won't tell me who did."
"Did WHAT?" I asked.
"Somebody beat her," Penny's mother answered. "Her face and shoulder are all bruised!"
"I'll be right over," I told her.
Penny's house was only a few minutes away. When I saw her my rage instantly exploded. It took me a few minutes to get her to admit it had been Greg. "I told him no," she explained, "and he did this."
"I've called the police!" Penny's mother snapped.
"You'd better call an ambulance!" I told her, "Because by the time the Sheriff's deputies get there he's going to need one!"
I knew where Greg was working that day, and drove down there. The moment I arrived and headed across the yard the foreman ran for the phone. Greg was standing talking with a couple of guys. I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around I nailed him!
I got him three or four good ones before he even started to fight back, and then it turned into a real slug fest!
The crew gathered around, most of them knew what had happened, and the majority were cheering me on.
Finally Greg's father arrived, and with the foreman's help separated us.
"What in the hell is going on here?" Greg's father insisted.
I explained what had happened. Greg's father turned to him in a rage! "You beat up that little whisp of a girl?"
"She said no!" Greg moaned. "No little whore says no to me!"
Being left handed I'd pounded the right side of Greg's face pretty bad. His father proceeded to pound the left side, screaming "NO man in my family EVER beats up on a woman! NOBODY!"
The foreman had to get him under control. By now Greg wasn't in very good shape.
You're not worth the trouble!" his father screamed, "But I'd better get you to the hospital, then we're going up and getting this matter straightened out with that young lady and her family. Gerald, follow us to the hospital. That hand needs some attention. I'll pay any bills that come due."
"My hand did need a little work. Nothing was broken but one knuckle was extremely bruised. Every once and a while it still aches, reminding me of that morning.
Penny and Greg never got together again. She married an out-of-stater and moved away. Greg went into the army, and did quite well. We never spoke again after that incident, but his father and I were on good terms for many years.
As I often say, when we look back on our youth we say to ourselves, "Was I ever really that crazy?" And then we have to admit, "Yes, I was!" Fortunately The Lords have tempered my rages. I don't get QUITE as angry as I used to!




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