By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

My wife and I are often asked how we met, and when we tell people it was at a seance they look at us a little strangely. But it was as good a place as any!
I was training with a well-known medium in the area and we had a seance every month, usually with a visiting medium.
One Wednesday night as I was making my way down the street a woman approached me from the opposite direction, all bundled up against the cold, and I thought she was a little old lady. As we reached the corner I said "Good evening!" And she answered with a meek little "Hello!"
Though we both traveled in the same direction being a rather fast walker I soon was quite a ways ahead of the woman As I reached the medium's house I stopped to chat a moment with one of her neighbors who was just coming home, and the woman looking up and down the street passed us.
I almost called out, "The meeting is here, ma'am!" But not yet being sure of myself did not. I went inside and took up door duty, which entailed opening the door for arriving visitors, greeting them, and helping with their coats. A few minutes after I started the woman returned.
"Is this where the seance is?" she asked.
"Yes," I answered, "Do come in."
As I helped her out of her coat I found the little old lady was actually a very timid young woman who would barely look at me. Suddenly my Spirit Worker, who I had at the time, announced, "This is the one you have been waiting for; your life partner!""
"You're kidding!" I thought to myself.
There was another young lady there I was more interested in and I spoke to her and had to pay attention to the medium's cat, who would seek me out whenever I was in the house. But as the seance continued I was drawn back to the young lady. I learned her parents had died, and she lived in a boarding house. But it was difficult to get her to talk at all! As the meeting broke up I found myself helping her with her coat.
"Why don't you let me walk you home?" I insisted. "You shouldn't be out on the streets by yourself."
"If you really want to!" Linda answered.
As we walked I managed to get a little bit more out of her. Things were not going too well for her right now. The boarding house was very poorly run. The woman they had rooming with her was abusive, as she had a drinking problem and was also stealing some of Linda's belongings. I asked her if she'd be interested in going out on my next day off. It took a bit of convincing, but she finally agreed.
We had a good time, and when we kissed at the end of the night, a tremendous spark lit up both our faces. "WOW!" Linda asked, "Does that happen every time?"
"No," I answered, "that's rather unusual."
Things at Linda's boarding house went from bad to worse. It was obvious she could not stay there. So to my mother's dismay I invited her to move in with us. And for six months we lived together on separate ends of the house until we got married, much to my mother's relief.
That was over 27 years ago, but it seems like just yesterday. The adventures we have shared sometimes don't seem possible! A lesser woman would not have endured them




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