By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Over the years some of the things that have happened to me have just been too weird, to say the least! One incident in particular comes to mind as we are writing down these stories.
I was working in a rather nice place, but the equipment we were using was ancient. One day two of the waitresses came out to talk to me about doing a special job in the dining room. The old dish machine was roaring away, when suddenly there was a loud BANG! and water began to pour from the bottom of the dish machine! The whole bottom had let go and the pump emptied the machine in a few seconds!
When it was all over I ran over and shut the machine down. I was virtually bone dry, hardly a drop of water had gotten on me, but both waitresses standing on either side of me were drenched, and had gotten the strong chemicals in their eyes we use in the heavy duty dish machines. We had to see to it their eyes were thoroughly flushed, then they changed and were rushed off to the emergency room. Fortunately no harm was done!
The dish machine, however, was totally gone. Everybody stood around trying to figure out how I had stayed dry and my two companions had got drenched, but there seemed to be no logical explanation.
The dish machine was gone, irreparable. We had to bring in an emergency three sectioned sink, set it up off to the side, and I did dishes in this for over two weeks, while the old machine was broken down, and a new one brought in. And it was a marvel compared to the old clunker!! Everything was automated, you just had to shut the door and the machine did the rest! I was glad to have it, but I wish the old machine's end hadn't been quite as spectacular!




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