By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

As I said, some of the things that happens in restaurant work are purely comical, like something out of a Laurel & Hardy movie, or The Three Stooges! One incident comes to mind. We were doing a very large banquet for the facility I was working in...over 600 people...just about our capacity! Everything seemed to be going very well when all of a sudden a stout woman in a lavish evening gown walked into the kitchen and in a very loud voice announced, "I'm Mrs. So & So, the head of the committee that organized this banquet. I want everyone here to know that we are totally disgusted with everything! The food was terrible and the service is atrocious! We will NOT be having our banquet at this facility AGAIN, you can be assured of that! We are used to the finest service and we definitely didn't get it here!"
With that the woman turned around and stormed out of the kitchen. We're all standing there totally bewildered when a short, thin man in a tuxedo wearing wire-rimmed glasses came into the kitchen.
"Excuse me for disturbing you," he began, "that was my wife that was just in here, and I want everyone to know that the opinions she expressed are purely her own. Everyone else is absolutely delighted with the banquet and we thank you very much for your hard work."
We then heard the woman who had come in scream "HENRY!"
"Excuse me," the little man continued. "I have to go now. Thank you all again."
He hurried out the door and we all stared after him. Finally the chef muttered "I don't believe that just happened!"
"I do," I chuckled, and began to laugh. Soon everyone in the kitchen joined in.
Working with the public can be extremely odd sometimes, it can REALLY be odd!




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