By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

My religious convictions have often bothered some of my co-workers, but none so much as they bothered Frank. There was a millionaire running around Maine many years ago bribing mediums to leave the Spiritualist churches and be baptised as Christians. I'd heard rumors of him but thought it was a joke. Then one day he showed up at a service I was doing and offered me quite a bit to leave the church. I told him I wasn't interested and thought that would be the end of it. But he appeared again in another loction and increased his offer. I again refused. To my surprise a few days later he appeared again, this time at work, and increased the offer even further! Frank overheard the conversation, and came over after the man had left, inquiring what it was about. I explained to him what was going on. "You're crazy!" he explained, "Nobody turns down that much money for a stupid religion! Take the damned money!"
"No!" I told him.
"Take it!" Frank insisted. "Say you'll do what he wants, then when you get the money do whatever you want to do."
"That would be lying," I answered, "go on. I don't want to discuss it any further."
As the day went on Frank told everyone in the kitchen what an idiot I was that I wouldn't take this money, because I believed in some foolishness. A couple of days went by, and the millionaire returned, increasing his offer stiil further. Again I told him no, and this time insisted that he stop harrassing me, or I would take legal action. He put his card on the counter and told me if I should change my mind to call him collect. After he went out the door I picked up the card and threw it in the trash. Frank went over, hauled it out, and began to scream obscenities at me that I cannot put down here.
"If you don't want the money," he cursed, "take it and give it to me. I've got a wife and kids. I can use it. Do what the damned man wants. No stupid idea is worth giving up that much for!"
"That's enough, Frank," I told him, "it's none of your business, now be quiet about it."
"No!" Frank screamed, "I'm not going to be quiet about it! You're an idiot! You're an f'n fool! You're going to take that damn money!"
The boss came out of the dining room. "Frank," he put in, "that's enough! As Gerald said, this is none of your business! Now drop it! Gerald has deeply held religious beliefs. If you can't understand that, you're just going to have to accept it! Now leave him alone!"
"No!" Frank screamed, "No! It's crazy! He's crazy! Nobody turns down that much money! NOBODY! He's crazy! If he doesn't want it, I can use it."
"That's ENOUGH!" the boss insisted. "NO!" Frank continued, "Somebody's got to make him see reason. Nobody gives up that much money."
The boss shook his head. "Out of the kitchen!" he finally ordered. "If you can't understand the sincerity of other peoples' beliefs, Frank, you don't work here. Now this is the last time I'm saying it...either leave Gerald alone, or leave, one or the other. This is none of your business!"
"I can't stay," Frank muttered, "I can't work with somebody that throws away that much money. I can't! I'll thik about it all the time! He's a fool, he's a damned fool!"
"Go!" the boss insisted.
Frank finally walked off, grabbed his things, and went out the door. One last time he screamed at me, "YOU'RE A FOOL!"
The boss shook his head. "Some people!" he remarked. "Sorry about that, Gerald!"
"Not your fault," I told him. I saw Frank a couple of times after that around town. He would simply stare at me with a look of absolute rage, and hurry off. I often find it very strange when people that have no moral convictions whatever, simply cannot deal with people that do. Frank was obviously one of them.


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