By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

When I did odd jobs I worked for a lot of interesting people. There was a variety of summer camps in thearea, some of them very expensive and exclusive.. I got a call one day from a Mrs. Pick.
"I've heard you do very good work," she remarked, "and are an honorable young man."
"Well, I hope so!" I answered.
"I can't keep a maintanence man," she continued, "I desperately need someone to do some work. Can you come up for a few days?
I said sure, and drove up. The place had five log cabins, housing forty campers, all between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, and all girls; spoiled rotten rich girls, the cream of society!
When I pulled into the yard and got out in front of the matron's house some of the older girls disappeared into the bushes. A few minutes later the PA system sounded, as the girls emerged.
"All right, girls!" it announced, "Back in the bushes! Put your bras back on!"
The girls looked disgusted but returned to the bushes. Mrs. Pick came out. "you can see the problem I have here," she ramrked.
"Yeah" I agreed.
"The last man I had working here was 60 years old," the matron continued, "and he left. He said he couldn't take the girls making advances towards him all the time."
"You're kidding!" I remarked.
The matron shook her head. There was so much work that needed to be done that I spent several weeks there off and in that summer. One time I was under one of the cottages when several of the girls came in. I had considered men talk dirty...these girls put most of the guys I knew to shame! But part of their conversation totally bewildered me.
"Cathy," one of the girls said, "I heard you got to go to Sweden again."
Yes!" the girl answered. "My father's irate, but mommy says she's not going to have my life spoiled, and that I've got a right to have a little fun. It's easily taken care of."
"My father laid down the law," one of the other girls said. "if it happens to me again, I've got to go through with it. So from now on if the boys won't take precautions they don't get it."
"I don't understand what all the fuss is," one of the other girls put in, "I mean, you can take care of it so quickly, why do they worry about it?"
That was all the conversation I heard, as the girls were finished changing and were headed for the pool. It wasn't til years later that I came to realize they were talking about abortions, but at the time the conversations totally perplexed me, and of course I wasn't about to ask anyone to explain this strange conversation to me.
I thought some of the fights I'd seen between my friends over girls were pretty bad, but these girls had nothing on them! I heard an qawful commotion one afternoon and rushed out to the middle of the camp to find two girls really at each other. By the time I got there they had literally torn most of each other's clothes off!
The matron was trying to seperate them and though she was a good sized woman was having no success, whatsoever. She turned to me and snapped "Don't just stand there, do something! Stop them!"
"Do you really want me to?" I asked.
"YES!" she screamed. "They're both going to need stitches now!"
I walked over, grabbed both girls by the hair and softly banged their heads together. When I was sure I had their attention I remarked "That's enough, young ladies! Go to your cottages and clean up."
Both girls looked at me dazed, and said "Yes sir!" and headed back to their cottages. I looked towards the matron who just nodded, so I guess I had handled the situation to her satisfaction.
The only thing that really bothered me about working there was having these young teenage girls calling me "Sir." It just seemed very strange! But that's how the matron insisted they address me. They were not to use my name. For some reason it made me very uncomfortable.


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