By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Of course all my associations with dogs have not been bad ones.  I have always been fascinated how smart dogs are.  Sometimes though, my run ins with them have been a little strange!
I was rushing to the bank one day and had to pass through a busy intersection.  Traffic was backed up and I had to squeeze my way between cars to get across the street.  As I did so something clamped down on my arm and I was held fast.  I looked down to see that a big German Shepherd had ahold of me!
"Come on, boy!"  I remarked rather unconcernedly, "Let go!"
The dog only seemed to grab me tighter.  By this time the driver realized what was happening and put her car in park and turned around.  "Montgomery Scott!"  she screamed, "What do you think you're doing?  You let go of that nice man right now!"
The dog merely looked towards her and refused to let go.  By this time horns were blowing and people were screaming.
The woman repeated her instructions.  The dog looked hurt, but finally let go.  I patted him and the woman hurried to drive off.
"I'm sorry!"  she cried, "I don't know what got into him."
"He only wanted to play!"  I answered.  I got across the street and looked over my arm.  It had a few red marks but nothing serious.
The strange thing was through the whole incident I wasn't the least bit concerned!  I knew the dog wasn't a threat.
That's the thing with dogs, they never lie to you.  They're either your friend or they're your enemy.  They never try to deceive you.
I never saw Montgomery Scott or his owner again, but I'll always remember the incident, and wonder why, but we all have to have some things to wonder about.


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