By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Continuing about dogs, I often think their intelligence is greatly underestimated, and I often wonder exactly who owns who!  A good example is Trowlfas, a big, slobbering St. Bernard owned by one of the more well-to-do families in town that I often did work for.
Whenever I arrived Trowlfas would greet me, watch me set up and then when he was satisfied I knew what I was doing he'd go off to other duties.  But this dog was the most amazing babysitter I ever saw!  The lady of the house would bring the youngest out to the yard, plop him down in the middle of it, and say "Trowlfas, keep!"  then go about her business.  The child would get up and immediately head for the gate.  Trowlfas would trot behind, wait for the child to get almost to the gate, then grab it gently, by the back of the coat, bring it back to the middle of the yard, and deposit him there.  The kid would immediately get up and head for the gate again, and the process would be repeated.
Finally the child would head for the toy box instead of the gate, and Trowlfas would keep his place.
"How did you ever teach him to do that?"  I asked.
"He just started DOING it,"  the mother explained, "with the first one!  And he's done it with all the others."
"Absolutely amazing!"  I commented.
Trowlfas was also very particular who he'd let in the yard.  There were several undesirables that roamed the streets, far less than we have today, who he made it very clear to they were NOT to come on the property.  Other visitors, however, were cordially welcomed.  He even had a series of barks that announced who was coming.  I heard him barking one day and the lady of the house moaned "Oh no!  The Jehova's witnesses!"
Sure enough, that's who it was!
Another day she remarked, "Oh, the mailman!"  and hurried off.
"You know," I thought to myself, "Trowlfas has her well trained!"
The cutest thing with Trowlfas though, was his riding cart.  His master had made a harness for him, and, a cart, very similar to the kind they use in harness racing.  Every Saturday morning he'd harness Trowlfas up.  The children in the area would appear, and Trowlfas would happily pull them around the yard, sometimes doing tricks.  He would exhaust himself, but be just as happy as he could be!
The last time I saw Trowlfas he had gotten very old, and could not do this any more.  but he now had an apprentice that he was training to take his duties.
I was very sad to hear that the old boy had died at the ripe old age of 17!  There are people that do not believe animals go to The Spirit Realm, they are totally WRONG!  I'm sure Trowlfas made someone just as happy There, as he did in the material world.  Such a great Soul HAD to be rewarded!


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