By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

I seem to be the cause of a lot of cooks quitting over the years.  I remember one incident in particular.  I was working as the purchasing agent for a good sized place, and in that capacity it was my job to keep track of waste.  I didn't have a problem with the day shift, but in order to check what the night crew was throwing away they had to leave their trash cans by the back door, and I would check them out in the morning.
We got a new cook from New York, Davey, and I began to notice that the trash seemed to be light.  So I checked the dumpster.  Sure enough, a bag of the night trash had been hidden in it.  I found three burned prime ribs, and noted these in the losses.
As the days went on this got to be an almost regular thing.  It seemed Davey was more interested in flirting with the waitresses and telling them what a wild guy he was, than paying attention to what was in the ovens.
He got called into the office twice, and warned that this couldn't continue.  The third time he came storming out, screaming  "I've had it!  This place is stupid!  I can't work in a place that has a professional rat, an f----- Judas.  I'm used to working where the employees don't sell each other out.  This place is sick!
The boss came out of the office.  "All right," he said, "that's enough!  If you're leaving, leave, but take your kindergarten attitude someplace else.  We expect people that work here to have an adult mentality."
"Huh!"  Davey snorted.  "What you want around here is f------ finks and whimps.  Nobody in here could deal with a REAL man!"
"Get out!"  the boss told him, "NOW!"
"I'm leavin', I'm leavin'!"  Davey screamed.  "You can have this f------ job.  Hell, at least I got a car.  I don't have to walk two hours a day to get to work and bum a ride home at night!"
"GET OUT NOW!"  the boss screamed, "Or I'll throw you out!  Not another word.  GET OUT!"
Davey grabbed his coat and hat and the boss saw him out the back door. "Some people!"  the boss exclaimed as he came back through, "How do they ever get like that?"
We all returned to work and actually got a laugh out of the whole situation.  Sometimes the ignorance of people can absolutely amaze you!


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