By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Over the years I've worked with some pretty spunky guys and girls.....real "I'm going to take no nonsense!" people.  Another incident occurred at that twenty-four hour place I mentioned before.  We had two big dining rooms.  One was for the regular off the street customers....family types, and the other was for the truck drivers that frequented the truck stop next door.  In order to clean the dining rooms we'd have to shut one side down, clean that, reopen it and shut the other side.
One night I had just started this process in the trucker's section when I looked up just in time to see a trucker reach up under one of the waitress' skirts and feel her butt.  I couldn't hear what the trucker said, but I heard the waitress' answer.
"Here, honey!"  she screamed, "This will warm you up!"
She proceeded to pour a fresh pot of hot coffee between the man's legs.  He jumped up screaming obscenities, stripped off his pants and underwear and went after the waitress.  Another truck driver and I had to subdue him.
The boss came out, heard what happened, and fired the waitress.  "You've got to understand," the boss screamed, "these are real men.  Once and a while they're going to express themselves.  It's got to be expected in a place like this."
The waitress filed for unemployment, and got it under the grounds that the boss' attitude was totally unacceptable.  He could not require his female employees to put up with such behavior.
She then sued, not only getting a cash settlement, but demanding that a sign be put up in the truckers' section  that those eating in the dining room act like gentlemen and keep their hands to themselves.  The boss' response was "I'll put the damned thing up, but it's a shame men can't be men anymore!"
He made the same comments a couple of months later when a waitress snuck a tape recorder in and recorded the lewd comments the boss made towards her, and then sued him.  Everybody else was saying how sad it was that the boss was being taken advantage of.  I just laughed.
I think both waitresses should have gotten more than what they settled for.
One night I was working in a real classy place.  It was the IN place to be around town.  We got a new cook...I can't even remember his name.  He only lasted about twelve hours.  We had this real pretty waitress from Massachusetts.  She had made it very clear to the cook she wanted nothing to do with him, but the guy had a real problem with the expression "Get out of my face!" He couldn't seem to understand what the words meant. I heard them arguing loudly but because of the noise of the dish machine couldn't make out what they were saying.  I saw the waitress go over to the refrigerator and do something.  A moment later I saw her go back to the cook's station, heard a 'whooshing' noise, and heard the cook start screaming.  When I got there he was standing by the counter, crying.
The waitress sat the CO2 fire extinguisher on it, turned to me, and remarked, "There!  That will cool him off!"
They rushed the cook to the hospital.  That stuff's pretty cold.  You don't want to have it stuck to your skin.
He swore out a criminal complaint against the waitress, but it never went to trial.  A story went around that three men met him coming out of his home one night, and persuaded him that it was better to go someplace else, and not appear at the trial.  And he disappeared.
Yes, most of the people I've worked with, male and female, you didn't want to give too much guff.  Most were more than capable of explaining to you they didn't appreciate such behavior.  Most of them would make you aware of it quite quickly!


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