By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Some of the places I've worked in have been pretty rough, to say the least.  In one both the cook's station and the dishwashing area had two way mirrors so we could observe what was going on in the diningroom.  Many a night we signaled the manager over the intercom to stop a party from leaving that had their purses full of condiments and silverware.  But the greatest part of having the window was when we had a pregnant waitress.  As the months went by and she got bigger and bigger watching the customers' reactions sometimes was hilarious!  The expressions on peoples' faces as she walked away!  Sometimes when she'd come out back I'd ask her what comments the people had been making.
"Mostly that I shouldn't be working," she would answer, "that I should be home taking it easy.  But my tips have doubled since I've started to show!"
One evening I saw her go up to a table, the man there suddenly rose and I went out when my buzzer sounded, and I saw the manager moving towards the table.  The manager was telling the man to leave.
"I'll NOT leave!"  the man snapped, "Give us another waitress!"
"You'll LEAVE!"  the manager answered.  "You do not talk to our employees like that.  Now get out of here or I'll have you put out!"
"Come!" the man snapped, "This is an unholy place.  Let us leave!"
As the woman with him was passing by the waitress I heard her mutter "Sorry, dear!"  When the people were gone I asked what had happened."I just walked up to the table," the waitress answered, "and he started screaming 'You evil whore!  You slut!  How DARE you approach us like that?  How dare you display your evil?'"
'What?' I asked.  Not being religious at the time I had no knowledge that some religions considered pregnancy part of original sin and a pregnant woman in sin.
The manager being quite knowledgeable in these things having once been a Catholic priest explained this principle to me.
"No wonder I don't like religion!"  I remarked, much to the amusement of the rest of the people in the dining room. "That sick attitude that makes one of the most sacred things in life something dirty is something I have never been able to understand."
I wish that was the only time I had ever run into it.  Unfortunately, it was not.  Over the years I have come across it many more times and it sickens me just as much each time.  Any religion that takes the natural and beautiful things in life and makes them into something evil and disgusting is sick, is very, VERY sick!


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