February 28, 2,004
Look Out NY State!

Jesus absolutely irate by Mayor Jason West's, New Paltz, NY comments, which went  "The people who would forbid gays from marrying in this country are those who would have made Rosa Parks sit in the back of the bus." Jesus considers these words a personal attack on Himself, as He is one of those that opposes homosexual marriage.  Jesus says "I whispered in Rosa Parks' ear personally and told her it was time to say no, it was time to oppose the evil of segregation.  Homosexuality is a sickness, it is an abomination, it is an epidemic, it is not a civil right, and this attack by this sick, depraved animal upon me, because I oppose it, is unconcionable, completely unacceptable.
As soon as Super Tuesday is over I will order my Angelic Messengers, The Hosts Of Heaven, to go after this sick pervert and everyone connected with him, to expose all the foulness and all the sickness that he is involved in.  I ask the people of that region that are remaining silent because they are friends and family of those involved to speak up and tell the world what is going on in this little circle of sin.  The evil that these people are doing is unspeakable!  They are trying to destroy the bond between God and Man.  They and their profound perversion are trying to destroy all life on Earth if people will not accept their sickness, and it is time for the people to stand.
This foul creature has called me evil, has called me despicable, has called me a racist because I oppose his sickness!  If any support him they are removed from The Book Of Life and face eternal damnation.  There is no longer any possibility of any kindness, of any mercy, of any pity.  This foul creature has gone too far!  He says I hate, he says I am prejudice, he says I am evil.  He has attacked me, and that attack must be answered!"
Jesus withdraws all of The Kingdom Of God's support of The Green Party.  Whatever  good they may have been accomplishing is destroyed by this act of evil.  Anyone who now supports The Green Party opposes Jesus Of Nazareth, for The Green Party's officials have attacked Him and degraded His character, and called Him evil.  It is a shame that the good works of so many sincere and decent people are destroyed by the insanity of a few perverts.  I think Jesus is very, very angry.  I think that's an understatement!

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