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What is Wicca? Wicca is an ancient form of ritual prayer to Spirits and Lords that predates the Christian faith by many thousands of years. It is not Satanism nor is it Devil worship, though it has long been accused of being such by the ignorant and feeble minded of the Christian doctrine. The most common name for it in America, is Witchcraft, but we prefer not to use this Christian slang for an old and honorable faith.
The Wiccan Religion practiced today, is actually the combination of many different old religions that over the centuries have been combined into one basic faith. But as with Christianity, there are several denominations having slightly differing beliefs. In this space, in future issues, we intend to carry articles about different Wiccan denominations and their practices, and ideas. We invite any participants of their religion to submit articles for approval. We also hope to have in the near future, a free directory of Wiccan Churches and coveens so that those writing to us will be able to get the names and addresses of groups near to them.
Though our beliefs are slightly different, it is our hope through this section, to build harmony between our two faiths.


Extra terrestrials and extra terrestrial contact is a major part of The Spiritist religion. Therefore this UFO column will be part of every issue. Our readers are invited to send articles on their experiences, and when space is available, we will print them. We will not be able, however, to pay for articles. However, any person contributing an article will get a free copy of the magazine it appears in, if they are not already a subscriber.

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Our article in this issue, is from Walter Rhodes Jr., XXXXXXXXX Avon Park, FL XXXXX. (Replies welcome.)

In the spring of 1975, I was moving from the state of Maryland to Florida. At the time, I was married. All of our belongings were packed in the trailer we were pulling. My wife was driving and I was asleep in the back seat, as we were passing through the lower part of North Carolina, not far from the South Carolina border, just a ways in from the coast. We were travelling the back roads. It was about three a.m., pitch black, no street lights or houses, just a long stretch of two lane road.
My wife woke me up screaming for me to look out the window. As I did so, I saw on the road behind us, a large, round light, which appeared to be following us. I told my wife to stop the car. She did not want to, but I assured her that whatever it was, if it intended to harm us it would do so rather we stopped or not.
She finally pulled over and I jumped from the car. The light had come up to us just behind us, off the road, hovering about the treetops some 50-75 feet away. I could have easily hurled a stone and hit it. It was a huge, round luminous globe, emitting an orange light, and no sound, whatsoever. There appeared to be two lights near the bottom which blinked.
My hair was almost stnding on end, I could feel energy running up and down my body. The engine of the car kept running and I told my wife not to turn it off because I wanted to see if it would cut out. I felt there was intelligence in the globe or craft. After a while my wife became so frightened I feared she might faint, so we left. The object lifted away and disappeared into the night.
There is a possibility we may have lost a couple of hour's time, but neither my wife nor I could be positive, though it seemed like this was a possibility at the time.

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