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By;   Speaker Gerald A. Polley

First of all, let us discuss what sacrifice is.  Sacrifice is the belief that by ritually slaughtering certain animals, one can gain favor with certain deities, or, gain forgiveness for one's past mistakes with these deities.  The idea being, that the mistake is put on the animal, and then the animal pays the price for the error, not the person committing it.  In this way, the god's anger is appeased.
Are either of these ideas true?  According to The Teachings Of The Lords? "NO."
The shedding of innocent blood benefits no one.  Each individual person must themselves, make up for any errors they, themselves, have committed.  No sacrifice can ever do this for them.  For every despisable thing they do, for every wrong thing they knowingly do, they, themselves, must pay the price either in this lifetime, in the world to come, or in another lifetime.
Before they can reach Ultimacy, each debt must be paid in full.  No blood, even blood willingly given, can altar this natural law.  We are ourselves, our worst judges, and our souls will not rest until we, ourselves right any wrongs we have done.
So, what should a Spiritist do if they know of people who are committing sacrifices?  They should courteously point out to these people their error, and discourage them from such practices.  If they suspect for even a moment, that these people are committing human sacrifices, they must report this immediately to the appropriate authorities.  For human sacrifice, even of a willing victim, is murder, and cannot be condoned.
In ancient times, long before Earth history, the Lords forbade sacrifice in Their Own Lands.  But they sat aside special places where they did not have authority, so that those who believed in sacrifices could fulfill their religious rites until they learned in their own hearts, that such things were unnecessary.
An animal does not mind dying for us to be our food, if the manner of its death is quick and merciful.  If people must sacrifice, the animal should never suffer, and afterwards its flesh should be used for food, so that its life is not wasted.  For every life is precious.

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