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By; Rev. Speaker Gerald Polley

First of all, let us clarify who we are speaking about when we say "The Nazarene".  We are speaking of a Prophet of The Hebrew People.  The descendants of Abraham now commonly called The Jews; The Prophet who founded the religion which broke off from The Hebrew Faith and is now generally called Christianity.

Why do Spiritists call this person The Nazarene rather than his other better known names?

These names are Hebrew, and have to do with The Nazarene's divinity.  Therefore, Spiritists prefer not to use them.  It is simply a matter of custom.  It in no way, shows disrespect or dishonor to this great man.

What do you mean by Prophet?

The term Prophet simply means a messenger of the god of The Hebrews.  One who gives his word and tries to bring the society he desires to the world, a Prophet that believes in The One God, The Creator of All Things.  The life of this Prophet has been well recorded in The Christian Bible, in the writings of their Holy Teachers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Do Spiritists accept these Writings as accurate?

Without doubt.  Though some things have been excluded from these versions, that information that was put down is accurate, as to the best of the writer's knowledge.  And I, too, bear witness to these things, having lived in The Nazarene's time, and having travelled with him, from the time of his baptism in the Jordan, until his crucifixion in Jerusalem.  I can attest to the accuracy of those statements made in those Biblical passages.

Then Spiritists accept the teaching that The Nazarene was born of the Virgin Mary in the city of Bethlehem, that such a seemingly impossible thing could actually have come to pass?

Spiritists do not look upon The Virgin Birth as anything so miraculous. It was a very

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