April 9, 2,007
To Horse! To Horse!

We have been asked "How many demons are there that The Kingdom Of God is fighting?" Well, We can't give an exact number because people would have to calculate it on the world population. But We can tell you how to come up with the figure. There's approximately one demon for every 1,000 people. Sometimes when people are really evil in a particular country that might go up to as high as one demon for every 500 people. But it usually averages out around the world to one per 1,000. So if there are 100,000 people living in an area there's 100 demons, and 35 of those demons are the worst, rhe most despisable, those that will destroy everything if they can't have their way, that will destroy mankind if they cannot control and rule them. And those are the ones We are fighting, 35 out of 100 demons are against Us! The rest are either working with us or neutral, just staying out of it and staying out of Our way, which is just as good, as long as they're not fighting Us they're helping Us. So about 35 of every 100 demons are fighting Us. And there's about 35 demons per 100,000 people. So somebody's going to have to do the calculations on that! We can't figure it out. But you can imagine how many demons there are against Us, in a place like Los Angeles where there are several million people! So that's a lot of demons!
The spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine were just as intense as were predicted even though all the things that Jesus had done in the last few days to cut down the demons' numbers. They seem to be drawing in reinforcements. More and more they are determined to break Jesus' power, and to put an end to The Kingdom Of God, and destroy man! The fighting is just absolutely horrendous! We cannot describe it, it is just beyond belief! But a new thing happened that gave Jesus more power, and more reinforcements. Sunday morning, as happened in Iraq, the animals joined the struggle! As the demons were attacking suddenly from their rear, and from their flanks thousands of animals appeared, every possible animal that is known in Maine: bears, moose, even some coyotes, and mountain lions, bobcats and lynx...every possible animal in the area; deer, domestic cows, sheep, everything, every animal in the area rallied to The Forces Of Light and joined the battle, thousands of spiritual animals came at the demons! You can imagine some poor demon charging in and all of a sudden finding a moose picking him up and throwing him on the ground and stomping on him! It was quite an experience for them. But even with all this the horrendous fighting continues endlessly! The demons just will not give up! They are throwing everything they've got at The Kingdom Of God, and they are doing everything to raise power to fight with! It is just horrendous, it is absolutely horrendous! We cannot believe that people somewhere in that area are not hearing noises and feeling depression, and understanding that something really strange is going on. With this much power going on somebody must feel it, somebody with the power in that area must realize that something is going on! Because the fighting has not ceased all day, constantly, continuously, the demons continue to attack, trying to find a weak point, trying to break through! And the Defenders are holding fast with everything They have, but the creatures of Darkness keep coming and the people have to be dying off. We are monitoring the news every day, trying to find people that serve them, and are dying, because their major power sources have to be drained right to their limit! Constantly we are expecting news of epidemics starting in The United States, and hundreds of people dying in different areas of The United States and something's got to give somewhere, it's going to start soon, it has to! This cannot keep up forever, the demons can't keep this up forever! Sooner or later they have to drain their resources dry, and when they do it's going to be havoc!
When the animals joined the battle horses appeared, saddled, and with lances. Those among The Kingdom Of God's Forces who were experienced horsemen quickly cried "To horse! To horse!" It was a strange sight to see cavalry units units made up of men in Roman armor, Confederate troops, Union soldiers, British lancers, and others from all over the world charging into the demons, again and again breaking up their assaults, making it impossible for them to concentrate their forces! The wonders that God performs!
In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" He speaks about how women were influential in His time, and, what about men who are domineering to their wives? Thought provoking as always!


In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He talks about the relationships He had with His brothers and sisters, and where in The Bible it says He has brothers. Informative and interesting stuff!


As we were preparing this email Sunday, about 11:50 central time, Gerald received an excited message from The Afterlife that the light in The Kingdom Of God dimmed. As this was expected no one panicked and the neighboring Kingdoms poured in reserve energy and brought things back to normal almost immediatly. But this again shows the tremendous amount of power that the creatures of Darkness are throwing against The Kingdom Of God's Forces. If their power had not been at its peak, tthere is little doubt the demons would've broken through. Jesus wants to especially thank His favorite network ABC, for playing "The Ten Commandments" Saturday night. Without that source of power The Kingdom Of God's Forces would have been driven from the field! As usual ABC came through with just what was needed at just the right time! Jesus wishes they had some young trainees to do a documentary about what is happening for the local film festivals around the country.

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